Compiled by Don Nelson

Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

April 25

POSSIBLE THREAT: Caller reported that a man with a history of forcing himself on women was parked near Liberty Bell High School.

April 27

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported on Red Dog Road, Winthrop. Liquor and a safe containing several firearms were taken.

THEFT: Caller on Fish Lake Road, Winthrop, reported that two coolers and two fishing rods had been stolen.

April 28

STRAY ANIMALS: Caller on Lightning Pine Road, Methow, reported an ongoing problem with cattle coming onto their property through a downed fence.

April 29

THEFT: Caller on Wolf Creek Road, Winthrop, reported that cedar logs had been taken from their property.

April 30

CUSTODIAL ISSUE: A dispute over joint custody of a child was reported on Englar Street, Winthrop.

May 1

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: Damage to an irrigation system was reported on Highway 153, Twisp.


Twisp Police Department

April 25

TRAFFIC HAZARD: A traffic hazard was reported on Highway 20 near Twisp.

ILLNESS: An elderly man on West Twisp Avenue reported abdominal pains.

April 26

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Suspicious activity was reported at a rental storage area.

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: Caller reported that they hit a deer on Highway 20 near Twisp.

May 1

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: An accident was reported at North Methow Valley Highway and West Twisp Avenue.

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported on Highway 20.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller on South Methow Street reported that someone with a flashlight had been seen around a garage.


Winthrop Marshal’s Office

April 25

PARKING PROBLEM: A parking issue was reported on Riverside Avenue.

INTOXICATION: An intoxicated person was contacted on Riverside Avenue.

May 1

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller on Englar Street reported that her daughter had witnessed drug use.


Okanogan County District Court

Jachin E. Anderson, 19, of Carlton, pleaded guilty to Minor in Possession or Consumption of alcohol and Driver under 21 consuming alcohol. He was sentenced to 180 days with 179 suspended and 90 days with 88 suspended. He was also fined a total of $1,058.


Okanogan County Superior Court

Raymond James Tannehill, 22, of Winthrop, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree Assault domestic violence and third-degree Malicious Mischief domestic violence. He was sentenced to 364 days with 360 suspended and 364 days with 360 suspended on count two. He was also fined a total of $1,110.50.

David Clark Hackett, 69, of Twisp, pleaded guilty to second-degree Theft, second-degree Malicious Mischief and second-degree Criminal Trespass. He was sentenced to 90 days for counts one and two and 90 days with 89 suspended on count three. He was also fined a total of $1,110.50.