MVSeniorCenterBy Susie Heller

Well, what a fun time we had last week. We celebrated two May birthdays, Bev Holcomb and Lloyd Berge. As Marie Antoinette supposedly said, “let them eat cake!” And we did. I don’t think she meant that as a fun thing for the underlings to do, but we enjoyed it.

Those rockin’ folks came from Okanogan for dance day on Friday. We were short on women, so even I was asked to dance. It was fun. The music is always great. Love the Hottell Band of Renown! They really know how to keep the crowd moving.

Nancy Atchison is Senior of the Month of May. For that she gets to be first in line for the whole month, one free lunch (yup, there’s still a free lunch someplace) and received a special keepsake. She was overcome with emotions, I am sure.

On Saturday, we trotted out Western boots, hats and clothes for those interested in ‘49er Days apparel. We don’t want any of our members showing up at those festivities in Nike sweats! We sold a lot of things. I personally am the proud owner of a new Wrangler hat.  You know that Wrangler is the official clothier for all rodeo folk. No self-respecting cowboy wears East Coast designer brands, at least to the rodeo. I love rodeos. We need your donations of Western items if you have some to spare. Thanks.

And thanks to Little Star Montessori School for their generous donations of the very best items left over from their garage sale. They are the greatest.

We installed a surveillance camera system at the center. Seems some folks were “shopping” after hours rifling through donations. Sorry to have to do this, but we can’t encourage the thievery. One fellow even winked and waved. Oh, right, that was Police Chief Paul Budrow making his rounds. Such a handsome, fun guy! If you’re reading this and planning on stealing donations, we are filming you and will turn the information over to the police. We are protective of the largess people in the valley give us. The proceeds for those donations go back to the community, not to someone’s private garage sale or worse.


Senior menu

Thursday, May 8: Pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, spinach, tossed vegetable salad, applesauce, whole wheat bread or roll, Jell-O with topping.

Friday, May 9: Tater tot casserole, cottage cheese, green beans, carrot-raisin salad, whole wheat bread or roll, peaches over ice cream.

Monday, May 12: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, Italian vegetables, spinach salad, chilled pears, whole wheat bread or roll, frosted cake.

Thursday, May 15: Broccoli chicken bake, herbed noodles, Waldorf salad, garden salad, whole wheat bread or roll, pudding.

Friday, May 16: Cheese ravioli in meat sauce, Italian vegetables, Caesar salad, bread sticks, blueberries over ice cream.


Meals are at noon in the Methow Valley Senior Center on Highway 20 in Twisp. The suggested donation is $3.25 for seniors over age 60; cost is $8 for those under 60. For more information, call 997-7722.