Appalling scenario

Dear Editor:

It is an absolutely appalling scenario to imagine a copper mine in our midst. I cannot think of a venture that would be more destructive to the spirit of Mazama and the valley than this. Mining, by its very nature, does not co-exist with anything; it tyrannizes. And nothing the company could say or promise will mitigate the damage. Blue River Resources should only look at the failed ski development project to know what it will be up against. That battle would be a mere skirmish compared to what it will face.

Stephen O’Neil, Mazama

Stop the assaults

Dear Editor:

Each week in the Methow Valley News there is another story about our future as a Mecca for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). It all started with the state’s unfortunate new law. Then the county jumped in to open all county roads to ATVs, until the Methow Valley Citizens Council stopped them. But the commissioners are back, this time opening only(!) 600 miles of county roads.

Along the way, the new federal forest supervisor, without any public process, declared all federal forest roads open to ATVs. It was clearly illegal, and thankfully it is being challenged. Then the acting Winthrop marshal joined the bandwagon with his own (wrong) legal interpretation that the state law opened all town roads to ATVs.

What’s next? Now that the county commissioners are reorganizing the parks and recreation board, will we see ATVs in all county parks?

The county commissioners have made it clear on countless issues that they really don’t care what most Methow citizens want for our valley. They just want our property taxes to support the rest of the county.

We have to make our voices heard locally if we want anyone to listen. Please let the Twisp and Winthrop town councils know we don’t want them opening up any additional roads to ATVs. And support the Methow Valley Citizens Council  in its fight against allowing ATVs where they don’t belong and against other assaults on the valley by the county commissioners.

Randy Brook, Twisp

Mirificus was great

Dear Editor:

The Liberty Bell Drama Company presented an absolutely astounding play on Saturday, Mirificus High. My friends and I were mesmerized by the self-awareness expressed by these students about the issues of sexuality, gender identity, self-empowerment, and relationships. They put together a complex, sophisticated play that was stimulating and provocative on many levels. I enjoyed this play more than any other play I’ve seen in the Methow the last several years. Most amazingly, they put this together from scratch in just 10 weeks. Their director, Danbert Nobacon, deserves great credit for his willingness and ability to guide these students as they conceived, wrote and performed this play. I hope they can provide more performances because we all can benefit from this play.

Lee Hatcher, Twisp