Compiled by Marilyn Bardin

20 years ago  – April 28, 1994

GUTTED. The third major fire in the Methow Valley within 15 months  destroyed the Winthrop United Methodist Church Friday, April 22. Firefighters from Winthrop and Twisp responded to the mid-morning blaze. Photo from the Methow Valley News archives

GUTTED. The third major fire in the Methow Valley within 15 months destroyed the Winthrop United Methodist Church Friday, April 22. Firefighters from Winthrop and Twisp responded to the mid-morning blaze. Photo from the Methow Valley News archives

40 years ago – May 2, 1974

Gasoline is plentiful in the Methow Valley

Fishermen and other visitors to the Methow Valley will be able to find ample gasoline according to local officials. George Dibble, mayor of Winthrop, and Jack Abrams, county commissioner, said that most gasoline dealers in Twisp and Winthrop have agreed to regular hours of operation. At least two stations will be open seven days a week.

“Most are selling gasoline with no limit,” said Abrams. “There is plenty of gas.”

Statewide publicity, recently had portrayed the situation in the Methow Valley as being grim. The adverse publicity was a result of a quirk in the oil companies’ allocation system. The new North Cascades Highway, which feeds into the Methow Valley from Western Washington, has brought increasing traffic volume, but the base-year allocations didn’t reflect that volume.

Vandals smash windows in Twisp

A vandal or vandals who went on a glass breaking spree in Twisp early Tuesday morning were apprehended by the sheriff’s office that same day. Having windows or glass signs broken by the vandals were Stan’s Chevron, Brook’s Mercantile, Valley Thrift Store, Evergreen Store and Abram’s Chevrolet.

60 years ago – April 29, 1954

Tom Mayberry got the big one!

Tom Mayberry, who makes a specialty of getting the big ones, came up with the winner last Sunday when he took a 5-1/4 pound rainbow into Skeet’s Valley Service and collected as a prize a glass fly rod. Tom’s fish came from Bonner Lake, and was a real beauty.

Claude Wilhelm was the winner of five gallons of gas when he beat all competitors to the service station with his limit catch. Claude reported in at 7:05 and he got his limit in Little Twin. Other good fish reported Sunday were Walt Louck’s 3-1/4 pounder caught in Patterson, and Wilhelm’s 3 pounder from Little Twin.

Winthrop news: Entertain fishing guests

 Mr. and Mrs. Willis Rothgeb entertained the following fishing guests over the weekend; his brother William Rothgeb and nephew George, both of Wenatchee, Claire Holstrom, F. M. Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kimball all of Wenatchee and Nick Rothgeb of Chelan.

Forest service regional officer to inspect airplanes here

Monte Pierce, forest service regional air operations officer of Portland arrived at the Intercity Airport Sunday evening. Pierce inspected airplanes Monday, in respect to contracting them for the coming fire season at nearby airports. He was accompanied by Francis Lufkin, foreman of the local smokejumpers.

80 years ago – April 27, 1934

Early run-off causes rivers to rampage

The early spring run-off is, or was, causing concern to many sections of the valley, the high waters of the rivers threatening.

In Twisp, of greatest moment was the washing out of the subway conduit of the water system conveying water to the north side of the town. North Twisp residents are toting their water supply from the river, and say they don’t like the job. New pipe has been ordered and is momentarily expected to arrive when the break will be remedied and service restored.

In instances new channels have been cut, and shore lands invaded leaving drift and other marks of the flooded streams. In the upper valley two small bridges have been taken out.

In the upper Twisp valley ancient bridges have proven too low to allow all the water to run under them, and school children have had to wade across to the bus, which could not safely be driven across the bridges for them.

Relief was reported in sight yesterday noon, when observers stated that the Twisp river level had receded some ten inches. No great property damage has been done. But its is a record breaker at this time of year for high water in both the Methow and Twisp rivers.

100 years ago – May 1, 1914

Dedicate Winthrop High

A considerable number of Twisp people motored and drove up to Winthrop Friday evening to help celebrate the dedication of Winthrop’s magnificent new brick school house. Professor Tormey delivered the address, and there was an immense crowd of Winthrop people present, who feel justly proud of their new school house. Following the address long tables were spread in the lower rooms, and the multitude were filled and went on their way rejoicing. The banquet table was presided over by Editor Brinkerhoff, who did a first class job, and short talks were made by several of the school directors, friends and teachers, and by Professor Dow of the Twisp schools, though resident of the Winthrop district.

The affair was a big success, and Twisp people were glad they went, celebrating with their Winthrop neighbors. The Winthrop people are deserving of much praise for their enterprise in a school building of the character they have erected, and Twisp joins heartily in congratulation.