TODD MADISON and ZEBULAR MADISON, Co-Trustees of the Sebanna Lee Madison Living Trust dated May 3, 2011, Plaintiff, -vs- MILES M. SCHINDELE; the ESTATE OF MILES M. SCHINDELE; and MILES M. SCHINDELE REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST dated June 8, 1999; their heirs, successors and assigns; and ALL OTHER PERSONS OR PARTIES UNKNOWN claiming any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the Estate of Miles M. Schindele and the Miles M. Schindele Revocable Living Trust dated June 8, 1999, or the real estate described in the complaint filed herein, Defendants.

The State of Washington to said Defendants: EACH OF YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this Summons, to wit: within sixty (60) days after the 9th day of April, 2014, and defend the above-entitled action in the above-entitled Court, and answer the Complaint of the Plaintiff, and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for Plaintiff, W. Scott DeTro of the Law Office of Callaway & DeTro PLLC at his address below stated; and in the case of your failure to do so, Judgment will be rendered against you according to the demands of the Complaint, which has been filed with the Clerk of said Court. The object of this action is to quiet title to real property in the name of Plaintiff, and described in the Complaint for Quiet Title filed herein.

DATED this 28th day of March, 2014.  CALLAWAY & DETRO PLLC:  By W. Scott DeTro, WSBA #19601, Attorney for Plaintiff, 700-A Okoma Drive, Omak, Okanogan County, Washington 98841. Tele (509) 826-6316. Fax (509) 826-4704.

Published in the Methow Valley News April 9, 16, 23, 30 and May 7 and 14,2014.



Methow Valley Irrigation District Instream Flow Improvement Project, MVID, PO Box 860 Twisp, WA 98856, is seeking coverage under the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Construction Stormwater NPDES and State Waste Discharge General Permit. The proposed project, MVID Instream Flow Improvement Project, is located at Sections 8, 10-13, 16-18, 20-22, and 27-28, Township 33, Range 21 East Willamette Meridian (E.W.M), Section 3, Township 32 N, Range 22 E.W.M. and Section 3, Township 34 N, Range 22 E.W.M. near the Highway 20 Bridge and the Town of Twisp, Okanogan County, Washington State. The legal descriptions of the points of diversion for the East Canal, West Canal, and Alder Creek diversions are as follows. *East Diversion, Methow River, T. 34 N., R. 22 E.W.M., Section 30 (SW ¼, NW ¼) *West Diversion, Twisp River, T. 33 N., R. 21 E.W.M., Section 10 (SW ¼, SE ¼) *Alder Creek Diversion, Alder Creek, T. 32 N., R. 22 E.W.M., Section 3 (NE ¼, NW ¼) in Twisp in Okanogan county. This project involves 46.5 acres of soil disturbance for Utilities construction activities.  Storm water will be discharged to ground water. Any persons desiring to present their views to the Washington State Department of Ecology regarding this application, or interested in Ecology’s action on this application, may notify Ecology in writing no later than 30 days of the last date of publication of this notice. Ecology reviews public comments and considers whether discharges from this project would cause a measurable change in receiving water quality, and, if so, whether the project is necessary and in the overriding public interest according to Tier II antidegradation requirements under WAC 173-201A-320. Comments can be submitted to: Department of Ecology, Attn: Water Quality Program, Construction Storm Water, P.O. Box 47696, Olympia, WA 98504-7696.

Published in the Methow Valley News April 30 and May 7, 2014.



            Notice of Adoption – Ordinance #679. An ordinance amending the 2014 budget of the Town of Twisp as adopted by ordinance No. 675.

Said ordinance may be examined at the Twisp Town Hall during regular business hours or mailed upon request.

This notice is given by order of the Town Council and pursuant to RCW 35.27.300. Dated this 22nd day of April, 2014. Jackie Moriarty, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Twisp, Washington.

Published in the Methow Valley News April 30, 2014.