The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest’s prescribed burn plan for 2014 includes half-a-dozen potential sites in the Methow Valley, according to the U.S. Forest Service. They are:

• Eightmile Creek, 12 miles northwest of Winthrop — 50 acres of hand pile burning and 2,250 acres of restorative underburning.

• Cub Creek and Fawn Creek, 8-10 miles northwest of Winthrop — 1,500 acres of underburning and 1,200 acres of pile burning.

• Wolf Creek, 7 miles west of Winthrop — 137 acres of underburning and 15 acres of pile burning.

• Twisp River, 10 miles west of Twisp — 550 acres of underburning.

• Benson Creek, 8 miles southeast of Twisp — 450 acres of pile burning.

• Lower Methow, 4-8 miles west of Methow on the McFarland Creek and Squaw Creek drainages — 2,200 acres of underburning.

Most burning occurs from March to June or from September to November. Whether areas are burned depends on weather factors and other conditions. For more information, call the Methow District Ranger District office at 996-4000.