The Okanogan County planning commissioners are continuing their review of proposed changes to the county’s procedures for permits for festivals and other temporary gatherings.

Under the new procedures, applications would be filed with the Planning Department instead of the county commissioners.

Required application materials would vary depending on the nature of the festival, but the landowner on whose property the festival takes place has the ultimate responsibility for complying with the terms of the permit.

All applicants would need to describe the event in detail, including the maximum number of attendees, security, food and alcoholic beverages, and provisions for waste disposal. The applicant would have to describe expected impacts to the surrounding area. Large events may be required to go through a public hearing before approval.

The county has solicited input from citizens involved in putting on special events and concerts to help develop the new procedures.

For more information, contact Senior Planner Ben Rough at (509) 422-7122, or

The planning commission will hold a public hearing on Monday (April 28) at 7 p.m. in the commissioners’ hearing room in Okanogan.