A divided Winthrop Town Council denied an appeal of the town planner’s decision to prohibit the retail sale of marijuana sales of marijuana in the Horizon Flats area at its meeting on Wednesday (April 16).

Austin Lott, who is seeking to operate a retail marijuana outlet at Horizon Flats location, had appealed planner Rocklynn Culp’s determination that the area’s current light industrial zoning doesn’t permit such a retail use.

Several people spoke in support of or in opposition to Lott’s appeal during a public hearing on the issue at Wednesday’s meeting.

After some discussion, a motion by council member Mort Banasky to support Lott’s appeal was defeated by a 3-2 vote. Council member Michael Strulic joined Banasky in supporting Lott’s appeal, while council members Rick Northcott, Gaile Bryant-Cannon and Jessica Sheehan voted to reject the appeal and support Culp’s ruling. Mayor Sue Langdalen had indicated in her comments that she supported Culp’s decision as well.

For a complete story, see the April 23 issue of the Methow Valley News.