Photo by Marcy Stamper

Photo by Marcy Stamper

The Okanogan County commissioners have been approving right-of-way agreements to purchase strips of land along Twin Lakes Road for a $1.4 million repaving and widening project expected to be carried out this summer.

The Okanogan County Department of Public Works will smooth corners and add four-foot paved shoulders for a two-mile stretch of road, from the intersection with Highway 20 near the school campus to Patterson Lake Road, according to county engineer Josh Thomson.

Orange flags and paint have been placed to mark the extended right-of-way. The county will also widen the ditch where Thompson Creek runs close to the road.

The county is purchasing the rights-of-way outright and has all the agreements from property owners, said Thomson. They will try to avoid removing any trees, but there is the possibility that one or two will have to be cut, he said.

The majority of the funds — $1.26 million — come from Washington state, with $121,000 from federal sources and $19,000 from the county, according to Thomson.

The project will meet federal guidelines for design and curve radius, said Thomson.

The construction work will be put out for bids.