By Susie Heller

Bingo is Thursday.  If that isn’t enough, there will be cake for the following April birthday revelers: Ross Barnard, Chad Rosenstine, Karen Dahl, Rosalie Hutson, Arlene Arneson, Craig Boesel and Frankie Waller. They all look so young. Best y’all come for lunch, cake, and bingo on Thursday!

The Spring Sale was once again a rousing success. Folks filled the building eager for the surprises held within. Kazia Kuligowski, Bev Holcomb and others assisted buyers choosing their prizes. Thanks to all of you who entered in and those who continue to frequent our doors. You are the best customers ever! Kazia and Bev, you really know how to throw an event!

I purchased a petanque game there for my four little grandsons to play. What is petanque  (pronounced pay-tonk), you say? My grandsons asked the same. I explained it was a game started by the Romans. “Who are the Romans?” they asked. I launched into an explanation of history when one dropped a three-and-half-pound petanque ball on his toe.

Hilarity ensued at the expense of said brother/cousin, so I skipped the history lesson.

I read the rules: “There are six large game balls plus one wood ball called the … ”  “Grandma, there are eight ones in the bag and one little plastic one,” one of the boys said.

Why did I think I could teach such a game to those, who at 7 to 10 years old, just showed me things on my iPhone I never knew possible?

Suddenly, our 7-year-old yelled that a “Big Momma” floated down the ditch, and off went my four petanque players to see.

The next hour found me supervising “Big Momma”-catchers with sticks, gleaned from the ditch bank — excuse me, fishing rods — catching clumps of debris floating by. Seems the point of this endeavor was to snare the “Big Momma” of leaves or weeds, sling it over one’s brother or cousin, and onto the bank. They seemed to enjoy this immensely and forgot the Romans and French who later coined the lawn bowling game, petanque.

The boys have been returned to their parents in Vancouver, Wash. I wonder, though, when it was that we adults forgot the wonders of imagination and the pleasures therein. The nine petanque balls still reside nestled in their canvas bag, waiting for another day in history or next year’s Spring Sale.

Senior menu

Thursday, April 17: Chicken fettuccini, mixed vegetables, spinach salad, Oregon berries, sherbet.

Friday, April 18: Lemon-baked fish, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, coleslaw, chilled pears, whole wheat roll, frosted cake.

Monday, April 21: Sloppy Joes, mixed vegetables, garden salad, fruit cup, sherbet.

Thursday, April 24: Open-faced hot turkey sandwich, potatoes and gravy, beets in sour cream, spring salad, apricots, brownies.

Friday, April 25: Ham and macaroni bake, broccoli, lettuce and tomato salad, whole wheat roll, berries over ice cream.

Meals are at noon in the Methow Valley Senior Center on Highway 20 in Twisp. The suggested donation is $3.25 for seniors over age 60; cost is $8 for those under 60. For more information, call 997-7722.