Methow Recycles and WasteWise are now able to recycle a much wider variety of plastic products as well as milk, juice and soup boxes.

“The most frequently heard question from Methow Recycles’ customers is, ‘why can’t I recycle my yogurt tubs, lettuce boxes and milk cartons,’” said Susan Ernsdorff, plant manager for Methow Recycles.

Now you can. In addition to plastics numbered 1 and 2, those numbered 3 through 7 and waxed boxes can be recycled either by bringing them to the Methow Recycles facility in Twisp or by including them in WasteWise’s recycling pick-up service.

For more information, call Methow Recycles at 996-2696 or WasteWise at 997-8862.

“Dedicated local recycler Mike Real gets the credit for the idea,” said Methow Recycles Executive Director Betsy Cushman in a press release. “It has never been affordable for us to include these in our sorted bales, but our relationship with WasteWise has helped us create an exciting opportunity for the community. We ship bales of commingled recycling collected by WasteWise to a Waste Management sorting facility in Spokane that accepts these other materials.”