20 years ago — March 31, 1994
Upgrade? The voters will decide next May 17 if Rural Fire District 6 will replace two 1950 vintage trucks.

Upgrade? The voters will decide next May 17 if Rural Fire District 6 will replace two 1950 vintage trucks.

40 years ago — April 4, 1974

Ski Bowl closes for the season

The Loup Loup Ski Bowl closed for the season following Sunday skiing. Manager Ross Darling said the ski area had a good season, with lots of the kind of snow that makes good skiing.


Valley team plays tennis 24 hours

Some mighty weary tennis players tumbled into bed after 10 a.m. Tuesday morning after staging a 24-hour Tennithon to earn money so they can play their school sport this year. Tennis coach Robin Eliassen said that of the 18 players who started at 10 a.m. Monday morning, seven players made it through the night with about 12 or 14 finishing at 10 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Eliassen said one boy, John Schade, played at least 250 games and Kevin Healam had around 200. Most players averaged 100 games.

Eliassen said that until all the pledges are collected and donations received he has no accurate count of the funds made at the Tennithon but he hopes the youth brought in at least $150.

A full report will be made in next week’s issue of the Methow Valley News.


Valley Christians to pause in respect for Christ’s death

On Good Friday, April 12, Ecumenical Good Friday Services will be held at Precht’s Methow Valley Chapel in Twisp 12:30 – 1:30 and at the Winthrop Assembly of God, 2:00 to 3:00. All ministers of the Upper Methow Ministerial Association will be participating.

The program is based on the last seven words of Christ. The speakers will be Pastor Hixon, Winthrop Assembly of God; Lay Vicar Lew Cooley, Church of the Transfiguration; Father Eis, St. Genevieve; Pastor Sherwick Calvary Baptist Church, Pastor Hanke, United Methodist Church.

Twisp and Winthrop Kiwanis clubs are co-sponsoring the services and have urged all merchants in the Methow Valley to close from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Good Friday, April 12.


60 years ago — April 1, 1954

Snow depth sets record for 10-year period Harts Pass

Bob Duncan of the Soil Conservation Service, and Howard Culp, Forest Service, returned Wednesday evening after taking a snow and water test in the Hart Pass Slate Creek drainage.

Taking an average from 11 stations, the men found the snow at 140.6”, and the water content at 60.9”. This is a record for the period since 1943.

The men made camp at a cabin on Cash Creek, 70 miles from where they left the road. They worked from this location, going in an additional six miles on skis.


Tillberg at Camp Hale

Pvt. Erick Tillberg of Twisp, a rifleman in the 511th Airborne Infantry Regiment, is at Camp Hale, Colo., for Exercise Ski Jump, the Army’s 1954 cold weather and mountain training maneuver. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Erick Tillberg, he entered the Army in July, 1953 and was formerly stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky.


80 years ago — April 6, 1934


Ford car for sale, $9 in cash. Drive it away! Phone No. 37m5. Pop’s Service Garage. Frost Proof Storage. Gas. Oil. Accessories. On the Highway at Fourth Street, Twisp, Washington.


News gardens boast beautiful narcissus

Pride of the News gardens this year will be two double rows of Narcissus, one variety of which is now well in bloom along the street front, just inside the property line. Later in the spring we propose to have posted along the fence line the names of the varieties, as they come into bloom, though we expect it may be necessary to have Ralph come up and get the right name on the right variety.


Annual “Dollar Sale”

The next regular meeting of the Ladies Aid will be held on April 18, and will be the annual “Dollar Social”. This advance notice is given, it is explained, that members and others interested may have opportunity to earn their dollar to bring, following the annual custom.


100 years ago — April 3, 1914

School News

Arrangements are under way for the first baseball game of the season, probably to be held on the Twisp ballpark, next Friday afternoon, April 10. These two schools, Twisp and Winthrop, have long been keen competitors for athletic honors.

Last Friday afternoon’s program consisted of a mock court, arranged and carried on in regular court style., down to the minutest detail. During the afternoon, two cases were heard, the defendants being acquitted in both instances.


County aids fair

The county commissioners at their last regular session, made the customary appropriations for the several fairs in the county, contributing $750 for the county fair at Riverside, and $250 each for the district fairs at Chesaw and Twisp.

It may not be generally understood that the state law authorizes the county commissioners to appropriate as much as $1,000 for county fairs, and $250 for district fairs. It is one of the freaks made possible under the statute that the county fair, regardless of the extent of its benefits or exhibits, is favored over the district fair, which may be five times as extensive. This paragraph, however, is not intended as a reflection on the Riverside fair, which is well worth the price of admission, and always a pleasant place to go to, and the finest people on earth to welcome you.



E.A. Harriman, The Barber. Baths 25¢. Twisp, Wa.