Bob Spiwak Monkey MazamaBy Bob Spiwak
As winter exits, we got some startling information from Rick Le Duc, designated deliverer of NOAA weather information from Mazama. From Nov. 1, 2013, through Feb. 10, 2014, 5.5 inches of precipitation and 43 cumulative inches of snow fell. That’s about 14 weeks. From Feb. 11 onward, a little over three weeks, there were 9.45 inches of precipitation and 112.4 inches of snow. That’s about twice the precipitation and almost four times the snowfall in much less time than the preceding period. Thanks, Rick.

From the Mazama Store, another Le Duc enterprise, there will be a celebration of the Little Art Library project on March 22 at 10 a.m. The store will offer free hot chocolate and coffee, and Methow Arts, sponsor of the outdoor book exchange kiosk (the first of four or five in the valley), will celebrate art and literacy in the valley and answer any questions about the project. Bring a book to share and leave one to be read by someone else.

Lisa Picklesimer takes a break from her job at the Mazama Store to grab a book. Photo by Bob Spiwak

Lisa Picklesimer takes a break from her job at the Mazama Store to grab a book. Photo by Bob Spiwak

We met with Midge Cross today (March 10) to get the scoop about the Mazama Community Club’s plans to enter into a land swap which will, says Midge, provide a whole lot more parking, about 150 spaces, for club functions as well as increase available parking for skiers in the lot behind the building. Midge is chairman of the club’s board of directors, and a key member of the Mazama advisory committee.

The plan currently under consideration is to trade real estate owned by Bob Monetta and Bill Pope for some property owned by the club. While approval of the plan will not require a vote by the club members, Midge is adamant that the real estate deal will be a quid pro quo, and that the venerable club will get something of value for its land. To this end, there will soon be posters hung describing what is going on, and Midge asks that anybody with questions feel free to call her at 996-8080 for explanations.

Another “Brush With Stardom,” this one verbatim from Regina Labanauskas. A forenote:  If you’ve seen the movie Airplane, you may remember that former National Basketball Association star Kareem Abdul Jabbar played the role of co-pilot Victor Vector.

“… My niece-in-law Lisa Macy Raukinas was on a flight between Chicago and Los Angeles … [She was] on the flight with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, one of her favorite Lakers players. Lisa is also the niece of Anni Shelley who is a friend of, and has visited a famous Mazaman who writes for the Methow Valley News,” Regina wrote.