2014 Knowledge Bowl Team

The regional champion Liberty Bell High School Knowledge Bowl team poses with plaque and medals following regional finals competition at Chelan last week. Pictured from left, coach Leverett Hubbard, captain Kathleen Chavey-Reynaud, Patti Watson, Corey Diamond, Riley Calvert, Rowan Post, and Willy Duguay. Photo courtesy of Leverett Hubbard

By Mike Maltais

For the second consecutive year, the Liberty Bell High School Knowledge Bowl team will head to the Knowledge Bowl State Championships in Arlington on March 22 as North Central Washington 1B/2B regional champions after the Mountain Lions defeated all comers at Chelan last Wednesday.

“Led by strong buzzing-in by Willy Duguay, the team won all five oral rounds and the written round,” said coach Leverett Hubbard. “We dominated our opponents … in head-to-head matches.”

Round results

Round 1 Liberty Bell 12, Easton 2

Round 2 Liberty Bell 8, Soap Lake 7

Round 3 Liberty Bell 10, Waterville 4

Round 4 Liberty Bell 7, Omak scratch team 1 (necessary to fill out the tournament bracket)

Round 5 Liberty Bell 12, Manson 4


Written round

Liberty Bell 39

Soap Lake 35

Easton 25

Manson 25

Waterville 23

Scratch team 20


Team totals

Liberty Bell 88 (2B to state)

Soap Lake 84 (1B to state)

Manson 52 (2B to state)

Easton 52

Waterville 46

Scratch 44

Part way through round two, Liberty Bell was down, 3-6, but with neurons firing and synapses smoking, the Mountain Lions “came back in a resounding second half of questions to win, 8-7,” Hubbard said.

Liberty Bell will go up against the best in the state starting at 8 a.m. on March 22 at Arlington High School.