Compiled by Marilyn Bardin

20 years ago — February 24, 1994
YOUNG ARTIST. Michelle Merrill was just one of the many up and coming artists, Allen Elementary first graders, who did crayon etching with Confluence Gallery curator Sharon Cohen.

YOUNG ARTIST. Michelle Merrill was just one of the many up and coming artists, Allen Elementary first graders, who did crayon etching with Confluence Gallery curator Sharon Cohen.

40 years ago — February 28, 1974
 Civic Center seen in Twisp

A committee to “Save Our School” was organized Monday night after discussion with Hazel Stevens Burnett of the Community Action Council who told of possible ways this could be done and funds that may be available to help make the Twisp high school building into a community center.

Elected as chairman of the committee was Howard Betty with Ferol Gaston as secretary. Other members represent organizations or are residents of the area and are: Kiwanian John Ayers, Grangers Bob and Pat Christianson, Eagles Carl and Freda Taylor, Legionaire Orlyn Michelsen, Senior Citizen Marian Wilhelm, Civic Leaguer Judy Northcott, Mr. Gaston (represents the Chamber of Commere), Walt Hanan and Vern McGowan

60 years ago — February 25, 1954
 Just rambling thoughts around our valley

    We would like to see a move made to get sidewalks and drainage, at least on main street in Twisp. The town should have at least one good park, and there is an opportunity to have a couple of fine roadside parks inside the town limits. Let’s get action this spring and beautify our town!

Clippings finding their way to the News office show that Danny Dibble of Winthrop is doing fine work as a member of the champion WSC wrestling team. The team has racked up its 17th consecutive win this season.

It seems the editor has been bragging about quitting smoking — but he was put in his place recently when a young lady in all seriousness said: “I didn’t think it made any difference when a person got as old as you!”…we were speechless!

With three tickets of candidates for town offices to come before the voters on March 9, it seems there should be some statement from candidates as to what they propose to do if and when elected. We understand that Larry Norris, nominated “Progressive” ticket for mayor, has caused his name to be removed from the ballot, although he is on another ticket for councilman. The field has been narrowed to two candidates for mayor…at least as of today!


80 years ago — February 23, 1934
 New power line

    The local forest service headquarters plant is now served by its own new power line from the Washington Water Power Co., a crew last week completing the 2300 volt line, and installing a new transformer.

Signs of Spring

Spring is here and the main feature around the Twisp school is marbles. This game is played by all boys from the first grade to the seniors in high school, and even some girls play. Among some of the younger children “funs” are played. No matter who wins the game each gets his marbles back. But among the older boys practically all games are “keeps” which are very popular. The person who gets the marbles out of the ring gets to keep them.

The noise in the halls at noon has somewhat decreased due to the lack of boys, who are outside playing marbles.


100 years ago — February 27, 1914
 Mrs. Clara Williams laid to rest

    The funeral services of Mrs. N. G. Williams were held at the Fraternal Hall Tuesday, February 24, at 1 p.m., Rev W. L. Singer delivering an impressive sermon. A quartet composed of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Marble, Mrs. Frank E. Selner, and Geo. W. Sprouse sang some beautiful hymns. The casket was covered with beautiful floral offerings from the schools, the Grange, the Aid Societies, and immediate friends of the family. The pall bearers were Messrs. E. F. Banker, E. A. Harriman, Chas. Dibble, J. P. Rader, P. L. Filer and W. F. Cumbo.

Mrs. Williams being of a cheerful disposition and lovable nature, had many warm friends who mourn her sudden demise. She was an ideal wife and mother and loved her home, although she was always interested in anything pertaining to the good of the public and was an active member of the different societies of the community. She was a patient sufferer and seldom complained. She was laid to rest in the Beaver Creek cemetery beside her father, who preceded her in death about a year ago.