Ashley LodatoBy Ashley Lodato

I’m sorry Erik Brooks, but I heard a good story about you this weekend (from your wife, who authorized me to share!) and I know that anyone who is familiar with your work as a children’s book author—i.e., someone who engages in methodical examinations of words—will find it amusing.

Back on Keeley Brooks’ first day of pre-school, Sarah Brooks was out of town so it was Erik’s responsibility to usher Keeley into the world of formal education. Sarah says that Erik sent a picture of himself and little 1.5-year-old Keeley standing on the steps of Little Star Montessori; Keeley’s hair is neatly brushed, her clothes are tidy, her smile is big, and she is clutching a lunch bag with her name printed clearly on it in big black letters in Erik’s handwriting. With Keeley’s name spelled wrong.

Fortunately Keeley was too little to read yet, so she wasn’t traumatized by the event, and she is now 10 years old and has a long history of spelling her own name correctly.

I ran into Robin Gleiser out on the ski trails and I asked if she had any upcoming costume plans to trump her recent swan outfits. She said that everything is in the top-secret stages right now, but that Susan Snover is planning a “senior edition” costume for May’s Trashion Fashion Show.

I tried to weasel further details out of Robin but she was quite discreet, offering only that it would not be a costume made entirely of reading glasses, although both of us agreed that such a costume would truly magnify the beauty of the wearer.

Trudging around in warm boots all winter must make people antsy to put on some more exciting duds, because Lauralee Northcott also informed me that plans are afoot for a “Welcome Back to the ’60s” community variety show at the Winthrop Barn on April 26, with guests and performers encouraged to don 1960s attire.

Lauralee is putting out a call to anyone who wants to do a musical act with a ’60s theme or an impersonation of a ’60s musician; in particular she is hoping to persuade someone to do Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” or any Sonny and Cher act. Dig out your go-go boots, bellbottoms, or your pillbox hat and call Lauralee at 996-2404 if you’d like to get on the program.