Editor’s note: Some of these entries have appeared online prviously, but not in the print edition. This is the blotter as it appeared in this week’s print version of The Methow Valley News.


Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

Dec. 30

ACCIDENT: A vehicle was reported on its side off the road, on Highway 153, Methow.


JUVENILE PROBLEM: Caller on Twisp Airport Road, Twisp, reported that their 7-year-old granddaughter was out of control and had packed her bags to leave.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: A black cow with an orange-and-red ear tag was reported causing traffic problems at Upper Beaver Creek Road and Balky Hill Road, near Twisp.

Jan. 2

CIVIL ISSUE: A caller on Rock Rose Road, Winthrop, reported that their soon-to-be-ex-spouse had violated a parenting plan that had just been put into place.

Jan. 4

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported at Highway 20 and Twin Lakes Road.

Jan. 5

ACCIDENT: A vehicle rolled over on Rendezvous Road, Winthrop, due to slick road conditions; the driver was not injured.

Jan. 9

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported on Highway 20 near Mazama.

BURGLARY: A workman at a residence on Ridge Crest Lane, Winthrop, reported that there was water leakage and a pipe was cut in the radiator lines.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Flashlights were seen operating in the same Ridge Crest Lane residence referred to earlier.

Jan. 10

ABANDONED VEHICLE: An abandoned vehicle was reported on Highway 153.

CIVIL MATTER: Caller on Mundy Road, Twisp, reported damage by a house-sitter and fraudulent activity in their personal email.

CITIZEN ASSIST: Assistance was requested near Carlton on Highway 153.

Jan. 11

ACCIDENT: A one-vehicle, non-injury accident was reported on Twisp River Road.

ACCIDENT: A roll-over accident was reported on Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop.

CIVIL MATTER: Caller on Gun Dog Road, Twisp, reported that a neighbor was tearing up and down their driveway in a snowmobile and has refused requests to stop.

Jan. 15

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller reported a man possibly calling for help on Poorman Creek road.

Jan. 16

NOISE COMPLAINT: Loud music was reported coming from a residence on Mundy Road, Twisp.

TRESPASS: Two intoxicated people were reported leaving a residence on Poorman Creek Road.

Jan. 17

UNSECURED PREMISES: An open door was reported at a location on Highway 20, Twisp.

Feb. 2

ACCIDENT: Caller reported hearing a vehicle accident on Twisp River Road.

Twisp Police Department

Dec. 31

CIVIL ISSUE: A civil matter was reported on Magers Street.

Jan. 1

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: It was reported that a man was raving in a restroom at a location on West Second Avenue.

Jan. 2

TRAFFIC HAZARD: An officer assisted with traffic control on Highway 20 as a shed was being moved.

Jan. 2

CHILD ABUSE: An incident of possible child abuse was reported on Magers Street.

FIREWORKS: A complaint about fireworks came from Bigelow Street.

Jan. 5

ANIMAL NOISE: A caller on Lombard Street reported that their neighbor’s dog had been barking all day and was tied up in front of the neighbor’s residence.

Jan. 6

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported on Goat Creek Road, Winthrop.

Jan. 7

THEFT: A theft was reported on West Twisp Avenue.

Jan. 8

UNSECURED PREMISES: An open door was reported at a building on East Methow Valley Highway.

Jan. 9

HARASSMENT: A possible harassment incident was reported on North Glover Street.

Jan. 10

JUVENILE PROBLEM: It was reported that juveniles were throwing snowballs at passing cars at Highway 20 and Glover Street.

Jan. 11

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: A street sign was reported broken at West Twisp Avenue and Magers Street.

Jan. 12

DOMESTIC ISSUE: Caller on South Methow Street reported that their daughter’s boyfriend was intoxicated and trying to get into the residence.

UNSECURED PREMISES: An open door was reported on Burton Street.

Jan. 15

ANIMAL PROBLEM: An animal problem was reported near the water tower.

Jan. 16

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: Caller reported that their son had kicked a dent in their vehicle’s tailgate after an argument.

Jan. 30

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: Caller reported that someone was apparently trying to break into a residence on Magers Street.

Feb. 2

FIREWORKS: Caller on Magers Street reported what sounded like shots or fireworks in the area.

Winthrop Marshal’s Office

Jan. 2

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: An incident of malicious mischief was reported on Castle Avenue.

Jan. 4

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported on Riverside Avenue.

Jan. 7

TRESPASS: It was reported that at least three people in two vehicles stopped at a location on Highway 20, and several people with guns got out and walked toward the river, leaving the vehicles running.

FIRE: A chimney fire was reported on Castle Avenue.

Jan. 9

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported at a business on Highway 20. The building was broken into and cash taken.

Jan. 10

CITIZEN ASSIST: A citizen on Highway 20 needed help jump-starting their vehicle.

Jan. 16

DOMESTIC ISSUE: A domestic dispute was reported on Main Street.

Jan. 28

PARKING PROBLEM: A vehicle was blocking the main entrance to an apartment complex on White Avenue.

Jan. 31

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: An officer checked out a report of a suspicious vehicle on Highway 20.

Okanogan County Superior Court

The court found probable cause to charge David Clark Hackett, 69, of Twisp, with second-degree Theft, second-degree Malicious Mischief, first-degree Trafficking in Stolen Property and second-degree Criminal Trespass. He was released on personal recognizance.

Okanogan County District Court

Jesse Autrey Hope, 18, of Twisp, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree Assault. He was sentenced to 180 days with 180 suspended and fined a total of $893.