By Laurelle Walsh

The Methow Dance Collective presents its 2014 show Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Feb. 6 – 8) at The Merc Playhouse. The show features original dances by local and regional choreographers and dancers.

The collective premiered its first show seven years ago with choreographers Deirdre Luvon, Mary Graham and Lindsey Swope. Since then, there has been a Dance Collective show every year in late winter or early spring, with the exception of 2012 when the work Ten Tiny Dances took its place in May, according to Luvon.

Methow Dance Collective is “a true collective,” in that all members share administrative tasks and costs and artistic decision-making, according to member Lyndsay Frady.

“We have always called it ‘a loose affiliation of choreographers,’” said Luvon.

Seven choreographers contribute works to the 2014 show, which welcomes Mary Graham back to the group, and introduces Christina Stout. Stout presents a new genre, solo poi-spinning, as well as a contemporary duet performed with Tania Gonzalez-Ortega.

Returning artists include Deirdre Luvon presenting West African dance and hip hop, Sara Jinks with two contemporary dances — one group piece and one duet, Sarah Longino-DeKalb with a youth jazz dance ensemble, Salyna Gracie with belly dance and a poetic duet with Dakota Lacroix featuring Terry Hunt on guitar, and Lyndsay Frady leading a group of five tap dancers.

Shows start at 7 p.m. nightly. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Suggested ticket prices are $10 for adults, $5 for youth 18 and under.

The Merc Playhouse is located at 101 S. Glover St., in Twisp. For more information call The Merc at 997-7529.