Bob Spiwak Monkey MazamaBy Bob Spiwak
Here it is Monday morning. There is blistering sunshine falling, its only shortcoming being that the blisters lose their luster somewhere in the 93 million miles from Old Sol to Mother Earth. If you get your paper on Wednesday, the forecast is for 6 below zero that night. Next night will be a warm-up to 3 below.

We have learned from Louise Stevens that Mazama resident Skip Edmonds, an anesthesiologist with Doctors Without Borders, recently gave a presentation at the Methow Valley Inn in Twisp. Louise, who lives on Weeman Flats, was impressed enough with the talk to make arrangements with the doctor for him to give a talk at the Mazama Community Club on Tuesday (Feb. 11). Edmonds’ topic, says Louise, was about recently treating Syrian refugees in Jordan. He has also done service in Libya and the Congo. Time of the program to be announced, but it will be in the evening.

From Steve Oulman (via Ms. Gloria) we have been told that the annual Doggie Dash at the Town Trailhead is in the “iffy” stage. There is still no skiing at the venue and of course, it all depends on the weather. I doubt the dogs would know the difference, but apparently it is not confirmable for the human element of the event. It has been scheduled for Feb. 16, Presidents Day weekend.

And last week, from cheery Jim Gregg of West Boesel (who insists he lives east of the line,) a lighthearted response to our inquiry about the family’s Olympic plans to watch all our Methow locals’ Sochi ski sojourn. In Russia. “We are working on visas, etc.,” Jim says. “They ask if I have ever dealt with nuclear devices. Also, my Army rank. It is so cold there [Russia] all the bugs have died, minus 8 last night. I am going to try to never say anything bad and to be a better person … to avoid going to [a] Gulag. You can follow our updates at Thanks for your support.”

Valley_cupcake-pOK. I suppose at this point we are supposed to say something like “how ’bout them Hawks.” Consider it said. It was a fun game, even if the Packers were not there, except personified in the Lombardi trophy. Almost all the hoot and holler pre-weekend was about the $40 million, 30-second ad spots. They were pretty much a loud nothing, accompanied by senior citizen headshakes. Like, “Did you understand that one?” Luckily, there were a few with animals. And Mandi Smith, bakery artiste at the Mazama Store, produced wonderful green-and-blue chocolate cupcakes, topped with a tiny sugar cookie inch-long football, complete with laces. It was the best visual of the weekend. Go, Mandi.