Senior CenterBy Susie Heller

Where did the year go? We raised a toast to 2013 about three weeks ago it seems. Now we are a year older, but still kicking! Not much that can keep this bunch down. We are all looking forward to a new year of trying to get back into our skinny pants … may take a while.

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go to the families of Ruth Webb and Helen Darwood. What we leave behind are the memories shared by our friends or families. It is hoped they remember each of us with a smile and a twinkle in the eye. We loved knowing you, Ruth and Helen. Goodbye to treasured friends.

The Christmas Room is finally empty. Thank you so much to those who donated to us throughout the year. You made someone’s holiday brighter with such a plethora of wonderful gifts. We are forever humbled by the generosity of folks in this valley! I know I picked up a treasure or five.

Our two Christmas parties went famously. Our volunteers rallied for a feast of treats and gag gifts. Ask Melodie, our president, what she received. Next up was the Christmas party with Santa. He passed out gifts to all the seniors who were here for lunch. It was noted that he was sans reindeer, which always disappoints. But who would believe a Santa coming in on a goat, which was all we could afford this year? If we all save $1 each month for 35 years, we should be able to splurge on real reindeer.

We need paper sacks, and I don’t mean one or two — gazillions of them. And finally, we need you who are over 60 to join us. One year’s membership is only — no typo — $1.25. What for, you ask? Lunch three times a week at a very tiny cost, access to parties and activities we have, and just a darn good thing to do.


Senior menu

Thursday, Jan. 2: Spaghetti and meat sauce, Caesar salad, trio vegetables, peaches, garlic bread, ice cream.

Friday, Jan. 3: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered corn, spinach salad, roll, apple crisp.

Monday, Jan. 6: Pot roast and gravy, boiled potatoes, cooked carrots, tossed green salad, spicy apples, whole wheat bread or roll, tapioca pudding.

Thursday, Jan. 9: Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, carrot raisin salad, fruit cup, whole wheat bread or roll, brownies.

Friday, Jan. 10: Chicken cordon bleu, scalloped potatoes, green beans, garden salad, Mandarin oranges, bread pudding.


Meals are at noon in the Methow Valley Senior Center on Highway 20 in Twisp. The suggested donation is $3.25 for seniors over age 60; cost is $7.50 for those under 60. For more information, call 997-7722.