Bob SpiwakBy Bob Spiwak

A pleasant sunny Monday morning. The temperature has zoomed up to a comfortable 1 degree above zero. Since our high-low record on the thermometer has crashed, I have no idea how low the temperature got last night. But NOAA is promising warmer weather, with around four days of “possible” snow beginning in two days. Just in time for a white(r) Christmas.

With jingle bells in mind, there are a couple of reminders we’d like to pass on. This coming Sunday (Dec. 15), “Christmas at the Very End of the Road” will again be the headliner for the ever-varied events at the Mazama Store. The micro-bazaar will run from 3-6 p.m. and include local vendors offering gifts and personal stuff. In the past these have included everything from knitted hats to arts-and-crafts stuff, and lots of hoopla and howdys as old and young friends get together. The big draw may well be the freebies: baked goods from cookies to pie, breads, homemade candies and other Lipitor-inducing goodies.

Okay. That’s all about taking. Now how about giving? It may be of interest to locals, most of whom know about Neighbors Helping Neighbors, that this is an annual campaign, spearheaded all over the valley. Up here in the upper upper valley, all credit goes to Duane and Vallyn Putzke for their unceasing efforts. As a sideline, one of our locals spoke with a fundraiser in Okanogan who reported that when it comes to donating to any cause, there is a paucity of support out there.

The Methow is an exception to this. Local people and visitors far outweigh other areas of the county with contributions. We don’t have the visual poverty seen elsewhere in the nation, but there are needy people here as elsewhere.

To help in this effort, the Mazama Store is one of many collection points. There’s a jar, last seen on the bakery case, for cash donations, and on the floor near the door a large carton for food and especially for toys and other playthings and clothing for children. If you don’t see them, ask one of the delightful employees. You don’t have to wrap them.

What with the Winthrop Red Apple market reverting to its historical name of Evergreen (IGA), maybe we have a trend in the making. For many of us, it has remained Evergreen in conversation, our reference coming from the old, and even not-so-old days. Likewise is it with Chewuch, which many still know as Chewack and speak of it thus. Needless to say, I like the rhyme.

Tuesday (Dec. 17) will be the date of the next Mazama Movie Night at the community building. It’s free and starts at 7 p.m. The flick is called Now You See Me and is a PG-rated film about a group involved in some heists. I confess to being quite out of touch with current Hollywood names, and looking at the cast credits, the only familiar name is Woody Harrelson.

What a great closing opportunity.