History20 years ago – December 9, 1993

From 3-point land. Brooke Bourn and the Lady Lions bombed the Bridgeport Fillies from the outside as the Liberty Bell cage teams swept the non-league opponents.


40 years ago – December 13, 1973


The area of the Methow Valley covered electrically by the main transmission line over the Loup, including the REA, was blacked out for a total of about 12 hours late Wednesday afternoon and early Thursday when wet snow downed and broke lines.

At Twisp, firefighter John Doran volunteered to spend the night in the unheated fire hall to receive any fire calls. The siren cannot be rung without electrical power. All valley fire calls also go into fire chief Earl Austin who can summon firefighters by phone or by blowing the truck sirens.

Luckily, according to Ruth Warden at the Twisp Medical Center, “there were no grave emergencies” that came up during the outages. “It’s practically impossible to work without electricity however,” Mrs. Warden said of the clinic’s staff.

“Mailbox” is Link to North Pole

Santa’s Mailbox, an annual holiday treat for valley youngsters, has been receiving mail addressed to the red-suited old gentleman which will be sent on to the North Pole.

The mailbox is at the Vern McGowan residence north of Twisp on the lower county road. Children may also see one of Santa’s special deer “Banjo” who roams the fields at McGowans with a red bow around his neck.

The following letter will be forwarded to Santa at the North Pole: “Dear Santa Claus, how are you this Christmas? I have been very good. Please send me a Big Josh with an eagle and a new paint brush and new liners. I will leave some milk and cookies. Love, Andy Scott Johnson.”


60 years ago – December 10, 1953

From The Yello Jacket — 5th grade news

December is a busy month. Mr. Lord drew lots for Chairman of the Christmas play. We were so busy that we didn’t think we were going to get P.E. until Mr. Rothgeb invited us to have it with his class. We are practicing for the Christmas play, and we hope it is going to be a good one. Some fifth graders are going to interpret a movement of the Nutcracker Suite, and the rest will put on the other movements, and all will sing songs in between the movements. This will be December 22nd at the new school. Everyone is invited.


Winthrop News

Surprised on birthday. A group of friends surprised Bob Morse on his birthday Saturday evening. The evening was spent in playing cards, and refreshments of jello and cake were served. Those present were Mr. & Mrs. Hank Dammann, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Wehmeyer, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Wehmeyer, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Harrison, Mrs. Helen Lampson, Mrs. Hazel Smith, and the guest of honor and Mrs. Bob Morse.


80 years ago – December 8, 1933

Okanogan and Grant Men First, Grand Coulee

Okanogan and Grant counties will be given first opportunities to furnish laborers of all classes for work at the Grand Coulee dam, commissioner Dan Gamble was assured Sunday. First call for men has gone out the last couple of days, he was told, the first list including 24 shovel operators, a number of dump truck drivers and about a dozen common laborers.

It is hoped that 1,000 men can be employed there before the first of the year, Gamble reported here yesterday.


At Christmas

The exchange of photographs is a graceful way of acknowledging friendships. Don’t disappoint those who expect your photograph. Make an appointment now. Complete modern facilities for reproducing, enlarging, tinting and framing of old or valued pictures. Reasonable prices. C.W. Vail, Jr., Twisp, Washington.


100 years ago – December 12, 1913


A progressive whist party was given last Saturday evening at the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ruark by Miss Alice Horrigan, assisted by Misses Hannah Johnson and Gertrude Gordon. Among those present were Mr. & Mrs. F. E. Selner, Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Jaynes, Misses Maud Prewitt, Frankie Magee, Pearl Staples, Hannah Johnson, Gertrude Gordon; Messrs. H.D. Rushong, C.J. Casad, Elmer Coyle, Ray Sackett, Owen Plummer, H.E. Marble. Prizes were captured by Mr. Jaynes and Mrs. Selner, and the consolation prizes by Miss Magee and Mr. Sackett.

A dainty luncheon was spread at the conclusion of the card playing and vocal music and the departing guests wished their hostesses several repetitions of the occasion.


Got the News? Only $1.50.


Coming back home

About 20 families have returned to the United States through Oroville within the past thirty days. They are American families that have been lured into Canada by the cry of cheap land and have found the “promised land” a delusion. Their period of residence in Canada ranged from a few months to thirteen years.