Winthrop’s Casey Smith shoots at a target during the Second North American Cup races at Canmore, Alberta, last weekend. Smith placed second in sprint and third in individual races and currently leads the Men’s Division of the NorAm series. Photo by Jakob Ellington

By Mike Maltais

Winthrop biathlete Casey Smith is off to a fast start in this season’s Nordic competition circles and is currently leading the Men’s Division of the North American Cup series.

Smith, named Junior Biathlete of the Year in 2011, was among biathletes from the United States and western Canada who competed in the first races of the NorAm Cup series held in Canmore, Alberta, on Nov. 23-24.

Now skiing for the Maine Winter Sports Olympic Development Team, Smith finished first in the men’s 10-kilometer sprint and followed up with a second place the next day.

Kelsey Dickinson, skiing for Methow Valley Biathlon and St. Scholastica University in Duluth, Minn., was third in the junior women’s 7.5K sprint.

Smith, Elise Putnam and Paul Everett spent a full week of training and racing in Canmore, which culminated with the Second North American Cup races on Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 30 and Dec 1). Smith finished third in Saturday’s 20K individual race and second in Sunday’s 10K sprint. The NorAm race series continues Dec. 18 in Minnesota.


Nov. 30 individual race

Men’s 20K: Casey Smith, 3rd, 13hits/20

Youth men’s 12.5K: Paul Everett, 3rd, 13 hits/20

Youth women’s 10K: Elise Putnam, 7th, 15hits/20


Dec. 1 sprint race

Men’s 10K: Casey Smith, 2nd, 8hits/10

Youth men’s 7.5K: Paul Everett, 3rd, 8hits/10

Youth women’s 6K: Elise Putnam, 14th, 2hits/10