Senior CenterBy Rosalie Hutson

December started out looking a little more like winter and putting us in the Christmas spirit. The Christmas Sale is in full forward gear, with new things being put out every day and another big sale on Saturday (Dec. 7), with some extra-nice gift items being held back for it.

We are planning on having a volunteer decorating day this week. Someone was very thoughtful and left us a nice big live tree with a note on Sunday. Thank you, whoever you were. We will get it decorated this week.

Thursday (Dec. 5) is the day for blood pressure checks by Fae. And Friday (Dec. 6) is dance day with the Hottells.

We are getting low on paper shopping bags again – these sales use up a lot more bags than normal. So if you can share, we would be grateful.

We still have cards to sign for wounded veterans. If you are interested in signing one or getting the address, the cards are on the sign-in desk.

Be careful on the snowy, icy roads and streets. We have extra ski poles if you need one to help get around.



Senior Menu

Thursday, Dec. 5: Beef Stroganoff, tossed vegetable salad, beets, blueberries, whole wheat roll, frosted cake.

Friday, Dec. 6: Pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, lettuce and tomato salad, green beans, chilled apricots, whole wheat roll, applesauce cake.

Monday, Dec. 9: Cheese ravioli with meat sauce, Mediterranean salad, Italian vegetables, chilled peaches, garlic bread, sherbet.

Thursday, Dec. 12: Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, lettuce and tomato salad, whole wheat roll, apple crisp.

Friday, Dec. 13: Lasagna, Caesar salad, green beans, tropical fruit salad, garlic bread, frosted cake.


Meals are at noon in the Methow Valley Senior Center on Highway 20 in Twisp. The suggested donation is $3.25 for seniors over age 60; cost is $7.50 for those under 60. For more information, call 997-7722.