Tyler Rowland, a 2006 graduate of Liberty Bell High School, and his three crewmates aboard the 31-foot Emma Belle sailboat, held over briefly at San Diego during the initial leg of an around-the-world cruise that began earlier this month at Ventura, Calif., and are now making their down the coast from Ensenada, Mexico.

“We have spent … nine days in beautiful San Diego making needed repairs to our diesel engine and replacing the bails that broke on our way in from Catalina,” Rowland reported last weekend.

Rowland and friends Kevin Schank, Eric Elliott, and Pam O’Donnell and a dog named Ketch plan to circumvent the globe by way of the Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific, north around Australia, through Indonesia to the Red Sea, navigate the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, pass through the Panama Canal and return to Ventura.

Readers can follow the progress of the adventure by visiting the group’s website at www.MoreHandsOnDeckHQ.com.