Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

Nov. 7

TRESPASS: Possible trespass was reported at state property on Mundy Road, Twisp.

Nov. 8

HARASSMENT: Caller on Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop, reported that their ex-spouse was sending unwanted text messages in violation of a pending protection order.

Nov. 9

CIVIL ISSUE: Caller on Lucas Road, Methow, reported that a neighbor’s burning was aggravating their severe asthma condition.

Nov. 10

THEFT: A deputy contacted a theft suspect on Highway 20, Winthrop.

Nov. 11

TRAFFIC HAZARD: An excavator was being unloaded on Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road.

Nov. 12

VIOLATION OF ORDER: Caller on Twin Lakes Road reported that her spouse had taken their son from a home where the husband had supervised visitation rights.

911 CALL ABUSE: A 911 hang-up call was reported in Methow.

Nov. 13

HARASSMENT: Caller on Thurlow Road, Twisp, reported that a person has been harassing the caller for years and was found recently near the caller’s house.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller reported an ongoing problem of someone taking lumber and metal pipes from a garage on Highway 153, Twisp.

911 CALL ABUSE: A 911 hang-up call was reported on Burgar Street, Twisp.

Nov. 15

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller reported hearing something that sounded like someone taking boards from a barn on Highway 153, Twisp.

HARASSMENT: Caller on Thurlow Road, Twisp, reported that a person was stalking them and clothing had been stolen from their residence.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: A woman in Twisp reported that her daughter had been approached by a suspicious man.

Nov. 16

ATTEMPT TO LOCATE: Deputies were attempting to locate a person on Mustard Mountain Road, Winthrop, who had an outstanding warrant and was in violation of a protective order.

Nov. 17

STRAY ANIMALS: Five stray horses were reported on Twisp-Winthrop Eastide Road, and one appeared to be injured.

DISABLED VEHICLE: A disabled vehicle was reported on Highway 153 south of Carlton.

Nov. 18

STRAY ANIMAL: A pit bull was reported running in the area of Harrier Hill Road, Winthrop.

THREATS: Caller reported that their landlord was making threats about the caller’s teenage son, who had cut some bushes. The caller had offered to pay for replacements if the foliage did not grow back.

INJURED ANIMAL: A deer was reported injured and still alive on East Chewuch Road, Winthrop.

Nov. 19

ACCIDENT: A one-vehicle rollover accident was reported on Highway 20, Twisp.

Nov. 20

ASSIST: A check was requested on a vehicle parked in the roadway on Lower Beaver Creek Road.

CHECK ON WELFARE: A check was requested on the welfare of a person on Wolf Creek Road, Winthrop.


Twisp Police Department

Nov. 7

TRAFFIC OFFENSE: A driver on Sixth Avenue failed to use their interlock device and was taken into custody.

Nov. 8

TRESPASS: Caller reported that there were two men on his property without permission, digging holes.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: An animal issue was reported on West Twisp Avenue.

WARRANT ARREST: A person was taken into custody on Magers Street.

Nov. 15

WEAPONS OFFENSE: It was reported that person on North Lincoln Street had shot a woman with a BB gun.

Nov. 16

CUSTODIAL ISSUE: Caller on North Burgar Street reported that his ex-wife had not returned their daughter.

Nov. 19

CIVIL ISSUE: Caller on Magers Street reported a problem with acquiring title to a car they had recently purchased.



Mischelle Rose Bush, 33, Winthrop, and Jason Daniel Temple, 38, Winthrop.


Okanogan County District Court

Eddie Ray Carpenter, 34, of Twisp was sentenced to 90 days with 90 suspended and fined a total of $268 for third-degree Driving While License Suspended.


Okanogan County Superior Court

The court found probable cause to charge Wendy Joe Martin, 33, of Twisp with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Use of Drug Paraphernalia. Bail was set at $1,000.