Bob SpiwakBy Bob Spiwak

It’s just a few days until Thanksgiving and while some people are desolate because there is no snow in the forecast, others are quite content with the sunshine, un-slick roads and mild temperatures. Thanksgiving day is forecast with a “chance of showers,” and by the time you carve the turkey it could well be snow.

If you’re headed over Washington Pass, be aware of areas of black ice, especially on the west side. We are in a temperature inversion environment and have been for several days. Reports have been coming in of some sudden icy spots on the highway, so travel with care.

The resurrection of the annual Ski Swap at the Winthrop Barn was a big success this past Saturday. Hosted by a consortium of businesses, most involved in the outdoors, over $1,000 was raised in support of the Methow Valley Nordic Club. The receipts were from a percentage of each vendor’s sales. It was a fun festival and special thanks go to Larry Goldie and his rock-climbing associates who put the event together.

Aside from snow and ice there is fishing, and while it occurred outside of the valley environments, Andrew Schweitzer, son of Del and Victoria of Edelweiss, sent a picture of a 34-inch steelhead taken with a fly on Idaho’s Salmon River. The fish was larger than our computer screen could accommodate.

And while we are turning to water stuff, Jay Lucas told of a huge boat that was parked in the library parking lot last week. The craft was somewhat more than 50 feet in length, and on the stern below the (forgotten) name were the letters ON. This would indicate it came from Ontario, Canada.

The vessel had a deck, but had no pilot house upon it – rather, there were many chairs or seats. Jay said it was so tall on its trailer that he could not see what else was up there. Anybody know anything about it? There were two pilot cars. It is a mystery where it was going as well as the configuration on deck. Maybe a Pearrygin Lake tour boat?

What was water in our pond has now turned to ice, and the mallards still arrive in varying numbers to vie with the Steller’s jays for the daily rations of cracked corn.

The ducks are dabblers – that is, they dive partially under the water, tails in the air, to get at the sunken food. This has not been possible with ice on top, and that provides great entertainment as they slip and slide on the surface pecking at the corn. Some of their unintended slides when they land, in a manner of speaking, have been pretty funny.

It will be a quiet Thanksgiving for us here in central West Boesel, and our hopes are that everyone will take a moment to conjure the many things we have for which to be thankful. Living here is a major component.

A brush with stardom: Nathan Brown, son of Brown’s Farm’s Jeff and Alicia, is working at a restaurant at Breckenridge, Colo. There he encountered Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vohn at a table. We asked Jeff if his son had spoken with them and the reply was, “No, but he might have washed Tiger’s glass.”