Sally GracieBy Sally Gracie

On a cool and cloudy Methow Valley Saturday (Nov. 9), Alyssa Jumars wed Ben Hargrove. Ben’s cousin Paul Hargrove performed the outdoor ceremony as the bride and groom stood at the gate to the garden field, where Alyssa grows her Plow Horse Produce.

Joyce and Jerry Hargrove, of Cashmere, walked their son to the gate while a Johnny Cash anthem played. Shortly after, Pete Jumars walked his daughter to the gate.

The ceremony was short and the vows traditional, with some irreverent changes: “Do you promise to let him do whatever he wants because you know he is going to do it anyway?” “I do,” pledged the bride. Rings were exchanged and the marriage was confirmed with a kiss.

Guests came from the Bronx, San Diego, Montana, Maine, Japan and Hoboken, New Jersey, with a handful of Methow Valley folk and many from the west side.

Alyssa’s parents, Pete Jumars and Mary Jane Perry, both oceanographers, live in Whitefield, Maine, and work at the university. They have already purchased their retirement property in the valley.

Prepared for the most part by a host of Hargrove relatives, the food filled tables that reached from one end of the back of the barn to the other, and included salmon, lamb and brats, and a dozen salads and vegetable dishes. While most of the young people stood around the fires outdoors, some of the older folk sat at tables inside the barn, spiffed up for the occasion with sparkly lights and white tablecloths, and paneled walls put in by the groom.

Alyssa Jumars & Ben Hargrove

Alyssa Jumars & Ben Hargrove

An outdoor wedding in November? Kind of chancy around here, and the families had the Grange Hall as backup.

Nancy Zahn, our favorite chanteuse, is directing (and performing in) Holiday Spice at the Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee on Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. We’ve missed Nancy this summer in the valley, and I want to give everyone a little lead time on this event to make plans to be there. All benefits support the PAC. Tickets range from $19-$29.

Nancy says,  “I am thrilled to help sustain [the PAC] by doing something I absolutely love to do – direct!” She promises that the show will feature new acts and a new theme from the earlier years. Nancy will sing to the music of the Holiday Big Spice Band, directed by Glenn Isaacson.

The show presents 125 performers, including “some of the absolutely finest voices in North Central Washington,” Nancy says. She adds, “Please come see this show if you can. It’s a story of love and laughter, being told through beautiful songs of the holidays.”

For more information about tickets, contact; buy tickets at