mailboxWhat does Ward want?

Dear Editor:

Usually after reading one of Ward Hartzell’s thesaurus-tainted diatribes (“Suffocating overkill,” Nov. 6), I send copies to friends and relatives to demonstrate the range of, umm, culture here in the Methow Valley. But this time I am not forwarding his letter because I have no idea what he is saying. I am left to speculate.

Near as I can deduce, Ward is unhappy because some county regulator shut down his outhouse. Ward then lumps all government employees with newcomers, dubs them as “unelected bureaucrats,” and blames them for new-fangled ideas of progress, like, I guess, flush toilets.

Not content with that, Ward blames the same folks for the sorry state of the rural economy and for “intrusions, penalties, fines, fees, and upgrades.” Then he seems to ask the government that he hates to compensate him for the loss of this privy privacy. Am I getting it right?

I’m pretty sure that County Commissioner Ray Campbell will be most sympathetic to fixing the outhouse problem. If not, I can recommend the public restrooms in Winthrop and Twisp as reasonably warm places in an emergency.

Phil Millam, Upper Rendezvous


Embarrassing conduct

Dear Editor:

I would like to apologize to the people from the Methow Valley who attended a recent football game in Oroville. I am truly sorry for the conduct of our school superintendent. His actions were reprehensible to say the least, and just plain stupid cannot describe that conduct.

Mr. Quick has been asked to leave soccer games for vulgar language to the opposing team members during play, was removed from basketball games for similarly stupid conduct, and need I say more. He is an embarrassment to our school district and our school board is not concerned in the least with his conduct during school events.

I again apologize to you and I sincerely hope you do not think the rest of the Oroville School District is in any way condoning his conduct. A letter to the editor recently appeared in the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune  stating the writer’s concern and disappointment with his conduct. She was sitting in the stands at the time.

Again, I am sorry.

Arnie Marchand, Oroville