By Mike Maltais

Winthrop’s Brian Gregg led nearly a score of endurance athletes to the finish line in the third annual Driveway Butte Hill Climb in Mazama on Saturday (Nov. 2). Gregg completed the 2.5-mile ascending course in 24 minutes, 14.9 seconds. Paul Everett finished second in 29:03.7, followed by Laura McCabe in 30:04.3, Leslie Hall in 32:28.9, and Chad Gregg in 32:52.6.

Long regarded as a training standard for local and regional endurance athletes, the Driveway Butte run starts from Klipchuck Campground north of Mazama and proceeds to climb over 1,500 feet during the course of the event.

“The climb is relentless, with nary a flat stretch from beginning to end,” as described on the website for Methow Endurance, a coaching and fitness company owned by Sam and Alison Naney, organizers of the event. “Given its late fall placement, the trail often has a thin layer of snow covering it, adding an element of challenge to the already lung-burning adventure.”

Brian Gregg and wife, Caitlin, both 2014 U.S. Olympic hopefuls, recently signed with Madshus, the world’s leading performance Nordic ski company.



1 Brian Gregg 24:14.9

2 Paul Everett 29:03.7

3 Laura McCabe 30:04.3

4 Leslie Hall 32:28.9

5 Chad Gregg 32:52.6

6 Olivia Ekblad 35:36.0

7 Claire Waichler 37:30.3

8 Scott Johnston 38:29.2

9 Ginny Price 39:14.4

10 Brandon Butler 39:14.9

11 Danielle Michaeletti 41:36.5

12 Joanne “Mojo” Schmitz    42:19.0

13 Midge Cross 45:27.0

14 Alieta Gregg 49:36.4

15 Brice Butler 57:00.9

16 Bob Davis 1:29:04.6

17 Larina Davis 1:29:04.7