By Ann McCreary

Overnight rental units will be permitted in more areas within Twisp, after the Town Council approved changes last week to town zoning ordinances.

Based on recommendations of the Twisp Planning Commission, the council approved most types of overnight rentals in commercial districts, where they have previously been prohibited by town zoning codes.

Planning Commission Chairman Vicki Hallowell said the town has received a number of requests from landowners regarding using homes within commercial zones for overnight rentals.

“There are a lot of commercial districts with residential dwellings, and it makes sense to utilize those dwellings for overnight rentals,” Hallowell said. Many of the activities within commercial districts in Twisp “are geared to tourist activities,” she said.

The changes approved by the Town Council also “hone the definitions of different kinds of overnight rentals” such as bed-and-breakfast facilities, and rental units with or without on-site management.

To provide oversight of overnight rentals, the town requires an administrative permit, which means owners must have approval from the town planner and building inspector. Owners of overnight rentals are also required to have a town business license, transient accommodation permit, county health permit, and adequate parking.