Ashley LodatoBy Ashley Lodato

After a recent family reunion at my parents’ house, my mom was doing the laundry and discovered an unfamiliar – and very skimpy – undergarment. Using my mom’s cell phone and email, my dad sent out a photo of the item to all of the kids, with a tongue-in-cheek appeal for someone to step forth and claim ownership of the article – a cotton thong – to get him out of the doghouse with my mom.

We traded a bunch of amusing emails back and forth with jokes about the underwear and one of us (one of us who was not me) “fessed up” to owning it. My dad’s reputation was saved and marital harmony was restored.

But here’s the funny part. Somehow Google has adopted that particular photo as my mom’s profile picture, so whenever my 70-year-old mom emails or calls anyone from her phone, a picture of a thong shows up on the screen. And the best thing is that she isn’t aware of this yet.

On to more wholesome news. In September, the third-, fourth- and fifth-graders at the Methow Valley Community School embarked on an urban adventure to Seattle, visiting the Museum of Flight and iFly (an indoor wind tunnel). The trip is part of a larger unit on the history of human flight: an educational journey the Goat Peak Crew is undertaking this fall. They’ve recently published some written reflections about their experience.

Soccer players slap their way through the receiving line Thursday evening.

Soccer players slap their way through the receiving line Thursday evening.

At the Liberty Bell High School girls’ soccer game against Manson on Thursday night, the U10 and younger students formed a receiving line for the home team to run through prior to the game. At the last minute, however, the opposing team was invited by youth soccer organizer Heidi Bard to run through the tunnel and slap the hands of the young soccer players, who were all cheering for them. It was very typical of Heidi’s all-inclusive spirit and provided an awesome feel-good start to the game and a sweet end to the youth soccer season.

The cute kid story from the week involves Lena Frady, who was over at our house for the first time this past weekend. My husband returned home and in an attempt to identify who this new kid was asked 3-year-old Lena, “What is your daddy’s name?” “Papa,” Lena replied, foiling Jon at his own game.