Senior CenterBy Rosalie Hutson

Howard Brewer is our senior of the month for October. He mans the sign-in desk at lunchtime, and will be greatly missed this winter. He’s not going to plow and shovel snow this winter, but I’ll bet he’s going to get real tired of rain. Anyway, have a great winter.

We are in dire need of paper grocery bags again, and with the Halloween Sale starting this Saturday, we are going to need many bags.

Be sure to check out the Halloween Sale room. It’s getting real spooky in there, with many costumes and decorations. As soon as Halloween is over the Christmas Sale sets up. Can you believe it? What happened to summer?

Dorothy Johnson’s birthday was Monday. Happy Birthday, Dorothy.

On Friday we had a full house for lunch and dance day. That’s great – it’s nice to see some new faces.

While John the bus driver is off chasing elk around the hills or sitting in camp, Butch Cathcart has been substituting. He is always full of stories and laughs.

Well let’s hope the government quits fighting among themselves and gets something settled before it affects our senior meals and bus service.


Senior menu

Thur, Oct. 10: Beef stew, mixed greens salad, chilled peaches, pasta salad, garlic bread, brownies.

Fri, Oct. 11: Sweet & sour pork, rice, marinated vegetables, spinach salad, tropical fruit salad, whole wheat bread or roll, cookies.

Mon, Oct 14: Spaghetti & meat sauce, Caesar salad, Italian vegetables, chilled pears, garlic bread, frosted cake.

Thur, Oct. 17: Pork chops, au gratin potatoes, vegetable pasta salad, cauliflower & broccoli, applesauce, whole wheat bread or roll, lemon bars.