mailboxTrails need your help

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the Methow Valley News for the Oct. 2 article on “Fading trails.”  We have a beautiful trail system in the Methow Valley Ranger District (MVRD) and it needs all of our attention to preserve it.

The Methow Valley Back Country Horsemen (MVBCH) is a volunteer, nonprofit organization; its mission is the preservation and maintenance of our trail system. We became a government contractor in 2013 with the U.S. Forest Service. We did this so that we could donate $2,500 to the MVRD’s trail program, specifically to brush three trails in the Twisp River drainage. Brush on high-mountain trails can be hazardous to both hikers and stock as it can obscure the trail or intrude on to it, pushing users off. Brush not only damages the trail, but also becomes a real safety problem.

Some solutions were listed in the article. No one organization can do all that is required.  Please join or help the organization of your choice. I know the MVBCH is always looking for new members and/or help to work on trails. Please consider donating your time on the 2014 Trails Day, held on the first Saturday of June.

Bill Ford, Trail Boss, MVBCH


Torvik, Filer deserve thanks

Dear Editor:

Two valley residents have stepped up to the plate by keeping us well-informed and headed in a positive direction during this time in our valley’s history.

First, with courage in addressing a topic of paramount importance that is easier to ignore, columnist Solveig Torvik has kept us informed of the results of ongoing studies on climate change that are not finding their way into the popular media. Surrounded by natural beauty and bombarded by many issues, it is easy for valley residents to put such an overwhelming situation on the back burner. Solveig deserves our thanks for keeping this scientific information front and center as it evolves.

And whether you believe this growing body of climatic data or not, it is difficult to argue against the value of planting trees, encouraging citizens to remain physically active, and reducing motor vehicle traffic.

Dwight Filer, who for many years has taken a vital role since he was a Twisp Town Council member in the mid 1990s, Planning Commission member, Parks and Recreation Committee member, planter and guardian of trees, volunteer in both creating the Twisp Commons and grant writing, is one individual who has been a leader on these fronts. He promotes sustainable growth patterns for our town and will address residents’ hopes and concerns for its future by continuing to pursue projects such as the upcoming town trail system.

Having known Dwight for 35 years, I can confidently state he is a hardworking individual of great personal integrity whose goal is service to our community. I have never observed furtherance of personal agendas or political gain as being among Dwight’s goals.

Although Dwight runs unopposed [his opponent on the ballot, Clay Hill, has resigned and moved from town], a vote for Dwight will support a listener and an effective planner. It is one step any resident of Twisp can take toward positive change in not only our global environment but for the benefit of all who live here. Dwight has my vote for Twisp Town Council and I hope others will recognize what we have to gain with Dwight working for the citizens of Twisp.

Solveig Torik and Dwight Filer deserve our ongoing thanks and support for their work on our behalf.

Isabelle Spohn, Twisp