Okanogan County District Court

Terri Elaine Flory, 55, of Twisp, pleaded guilty to two counts Supplying Liquor to a Minor. She was sentenced to 180 days with 180 suspended and 180 days with 180 suspended. She was also fined a total of $1,236.


Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

Sept. 23

EXTRA PATROL: An extra patrol was requested on Rendezvous Road, Winthrop, because of a speeding pickup truck.

BURGLARY ALARM: A burglary alarm was reported on Wolf Creek Road, Winthrop.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: A caller on Twisp River Road reported that a suspicious vehicle was coming up his driveway.

Sept. 24

THEFT: It was reported that wood was missing from a shed at a location on Doe Road, Mazama.

THEFT: A caller on Lower Bear Creek Road, Winthrop, reported that their daughter took the caller’s car the previous evening.

ACCIDENT: An accident was reported off Highway 20 near Loup Loup Canyon Road. A car was seen in the ditch. It was later learned that the accident had occurred two days earlier but the person involved had just reported it.

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: A caller reported that they had just hit a dog that ran in front of the caller’s vehicle at Highway 153 and Benson Creek Road. The dog’s owner was reportedly taking the animal to a veterinarian.

Sept. 25

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported on June Street, Twisp.

Sept. 26

INJURY: An elderly man on Twin Lakes Drive reportedly fell and was bleeding from the head.

CITIZEN DISPUTE: A caller on West Second Avenue, Twisp, reported that a neighbor was intoxicated and had parked their car on the caller’s property.

SUSPICIOUS ACTVITY: A caller from Sims Canyon on Highway 20 east of Twisp reported that they had heard someone shouting “I’m gonna kill you.”

Sept. 27

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: A vehicle was reported on its roof in a pasture near Poorman Creek Road, Twisp.

RECOVERED VEHICLE: The vehicle that was reported stolen by the caller’s daughter (see Sept. 24 entry) was recovered on East Methow Valley Highway, Twisp.


Twisp Police Department

Sept. 23

INJURED ANIMAL: An injured deer was reported on Borchard Lane.

THEFT: A theft was reported on Highway 20.

Sept. 24

TRANSPORT: A man was transported to Mid-Valley Hospital.

Sept. 27

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: Malicious mischief was reported on East Methow Valley Highway.

THEFT: A stolen vehicle was reported at a location on Highway 20.

TRESPASS: A trespassing incident was reported on June Street.

Sept. 28

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: It was reported that a new sign valued at $200 was destroyed at a location on Highway 20.

CITIZEN DISPUTE: A dispute was reported on West Twisp Avenue.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: A domestic issue was reported on Lombard Street.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: A suspicious vehicle was reported on East Methow Valley Highway.

Sept. 29

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: A caller reported a possible burglary or vandalism on East Methow Valley Highway.

CIVIL MATTER: Caller on Magers Street reported that they bought a vehicle from someone and found out the seller had not paid off the vehicle yet.


Winthrop Marshal’s Office

Sept. 24

ABANDONED VEHICLE: An abandoned vehicle was reported on Highway 20.

Sept. 26

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: It was reported that an elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease was arguing with relatives.

DRIVING WITH SUSPENDED LICENSE: A person was taken into custody on Highway 20.

Sept. 27

INJURED ANIMAL: A dog was struck by a vehicle on Highway 20.


Compiled by Don Nelson