The Winthrop Barn

The Winthrop Barn

By Laurelle Walsh

Winthrop Auditorium Association member Carl Miller is concerned that the town could be sued if one of the Barn’s exit doors did not open in an emergency, he told the Town Council last Wednesday (Sept. 18). “It’s a safety issue,” Miller said.

The problem is caused by faulty hardware on one of three sets of exterior doors that the Barn had replaced last year by D&R Glassworks of Omak at a cost of $6,510.21.

Barn board member Dennis Gardner had first reported ongoing difficulties with that door at the Aug. 21 Winthrop Council meeting and brought an estimate of $1,859.71 from D&R to replace the hardware. Council members at that meeting asked Gardner to come back with competitive estimates for comparison.

Council member and building contractor Rick Northcott said in the mean time he had researched the cost of upgrading the door hardware and found “top of the line” replacement hardware for around the same price as the initial estimate Gardner received from D&R, not including shipping and labor.

Northcott noted that no one from the Barn association had returned thus far with additional estimates.

Council member Sue Langdalen said, “We aren’t going ahead on this until they bring us more bids and more information. Get ahold of them and tell them ‘You’re on hold until we get something,’” Langdalen instructed town clerk/treasurer Michelle Gaines.

Gaines said on Monday (Sept. 23) that she had contacted Barn president Kris Strand, who would pursue a competitive quote to present at the next council meeting on Oct. 2.


Draft of facilities plan available

Copies of the Town of Winthrop’s draft capital facilities plan are now available at Winthrop Town Hall.

The Winthrop Town Council will take public comments on the plan at its next meeting, Oct. 2, in advance of budget discussions due to begin later in the month.