American-Cancer-SocietyThe American Cancer Society is seeking local residents to take part in a historic research study. Men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 from various racial/ethnic backgrounds, with no personal history of cancer, are needed to help reach full enrollment of at least 300,000 people nationwide.

Local residents can enroll at the Omak Clinic, Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, or Aero Methow Rescue Service in Twisp from Oct. 22 to 26. For information on the study in North Central Washington or to enroll, visit

Signing up requires a one-time in-person visit to read and sign a consent form, complete a survey, have your waist measured, and give a small non-fasting blood sample. Participants will also complete a more detailed survey at home and will continue to receive periodic follow-up surveys in the future that researchers will use to look for more clues to cancer’s causes.