Senior CenterBy Rosalie Hutson

Mother Nature and her bowling team were having quite a game the other night, leaving everyone to wonder where and when the next strike was going to be.

The flowerpot thieves are still on the loose, and taking bigger pots of flowers. The Community Center lost two big flower boxes. We put time and money into making our buildings look attractive and then have these things stolen – what a pity there are such cruel people out there.

Fae’s blood pressure machines both gave out on her last Thursday. She is going to be doing pressure checks again this Thursday, so if you missed out last week or want it done again, you can.

It looks like we are getting low on paper bags again, so if you have a big supply and need to get rid of them, bring them by.

The Winter Sale is getting pretty well picked over, but still a good variety of clothes to look at. The Halloween Sale will be moving into the sale room and setting up in a few weeks.

Art Zink is the senior of the month for September. And a special thanks to him for all the great peaches he has been sharing with us.


Senior menu

Fri, Sept. 13: Baked fish with lemon pepper, rice pilaf, coleslaw, trio vegetables, chilled peaches, garlic bread, brownies.

Mon, Sept. 16: Chicken cacciatore, wild rice, Italian vegetables, grapes, whole wheat roll, sherbet.

Thur, Sept. 19: Spaghetti and meat sauce, green beans, Caesar salad, sliced peaches, garlic bread, cookies.

Fri, Sept. 20: Yankee pot roast, roasted potatoes and gravy, garden salad, trio vegetables, mixed berries, whole wheat roll, pudding.

Mon, Sept. 23: Chicken fettuccini, Italian vegetables, Caesar salad, bread sticks, apple crisp.

Thur, Sept. 26: Hard shell beef tacos, Spanish rice, coleslaw, fruit cup, spiced carrot cake.

Fri, Sept. 27: Orange glazed chicken, au gratin potatoes, steamed broccoli, cucumber and tomato salad, chilled pineapple tidbits, whole wheat bread or roll, Jell-O with topping.

Mon, Sept. 30: Country fried steak, mashed potatoes and country gravy, trio vegetables, tossed vegetable salad, fruit cocktail, whole wheat bread or roll, pudding.