WINTHROPBy Ashley Lodato

I have to share a few of last week’s funny stories. The first involves Wolf Creek neighbors Dan Aspenwall and Dave Christiansen and their alleged record for the world’s shortest conversation (with “conversation” being defined as “the informal exchange of thoughts, feelings, and/or opinions”).

Dan was driving along when he noticed Dave picking berries. He stopped and asked “Pie?” Dave responded, “Jam,” and both men went back to their own business, both satisfied that a productive dialog had been achieved.

The second story concerns Mike Pruett, who, in light of his 60th birthday, must be forgiven for the lapse in memory that I am about to recount.

Mike was recently at the rummage room at the Methow Valley Senior Center, where he bought an attractive shirt. Like many guys, Mike doesn’t consider himself to be much of a shopper, but when he saw this particular shirt he knew that the shopping trip had been worth his while. Trying the shirt on only confirmed for Mike what he already suspected to be true – the shirt seemed to be made for him.

Mike returned home with his new acquisition, very pleased with himself for making such a useful and affordable purchase. When he modeled the shirt for his partner, Karen, however, she pointed out to him that it was he who had donated the shirt to the Senior Center in the first place.

The third story implicates my 9-year-old daughter, who tends to be observant to the point of being nosy. She notices everything; she is the first to spot a change, a new item, or a hidden gift. She can smell a jellybean from 100 yards away and woe to me if I donate something of hers to the Senior Center without consulting her, because she is sure to recognize it on someone else later.

But last week I realized the limits of her eagle-eyed attention to detail when I was at Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe with her and she looked around, cocked her head to one side thoughtfully, and asked of the town she has lived in or near since she was 9 months old, “Does Winthrop have a certain look?”

There’s still time to get your duck(s) for the Kiwanis Labor Day Duck Race (at the Tenderfoot in Winthrop, Windermere Real Estate Methow Valley in Twisp and the Carlton Store). You might win a sweet cash prize, or you might just help support the many projects that the Kiwanians organize and sustain around the valley. Either way, you’ll be a big winner.