Photo by Sue Misao

When school starts on Tuesday (Sept. 3), the elementary school and high school corridors will reverberate with up to 40 new students and new teachers and staff.

Methow Valley Elementary has hired Jake Bullis to teach fifth grade, filling out two class sections at each grade level, said Methow Valley Superintendent Tom Venable, himself new to the district this year. Bullis comes from East Wenatchee, where he was a substitute teacher. Bullis was first introduced to teaching as an AmeriCorps volunteer, said elementary Principal Brian Patrick.

“The most fun thing to do as a principal is to give someone his very first teaching job – you can just feel the electricity,” said Patrick.

Also joining the teaching staff at the elementary school is Mike Brands, who will be a part-time math-enrichment teacher. Brands has been a math tutor at Liberty Bell High School and a math teacher at the community college level, said Patrick.

At Liberty Bell, Sarah Dixon, a 1998 Liberty Bell graduate, will teach career and technical education, including health, independent living and foods. Dixon worked as a cosmetologist and hair stylist before going back to school to get her teaching degree. She has been a substitute teacher, but this is her first full-time teaching position.

Cameron Alford is replacing English teacher Dani Golden, who is on leave for the first quarter. Alford most recently taught English in Spain and has been an Outward Bound instructor in Mazama.

Jill Phillips is the new registrar at the high school. Phillips moved to the Methow last year from Port Townsend, where she was a secretary at an elementary school for eight years.

Enrollment projections are higher than they have been in recent years, with about 40 students new to the district, although enrollment tends to fluctuate through the first weeks of the term, as the district learns whether past students will be returning, said Venable. At present, it appears that Liberty Bell will have 26 new students and the elementary school will have 15, he said.


Ice cream socials

Both schools are holding ice cream socials on Thursday (Aug. 29) for students and families to reconnect and meet new staff members. The Liberty Bell staff will serve ice cream from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., and the elementary school will dish it up from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.


School immunizations

Families are reminded that students’ vaccinations must be up to date for the school year.

• Kids age 4 to 6 are due for boosters of four shots: DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), chickenpox, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and polio.

• Children ages 7 through 10 who are not fully immunized against whooping cough (i.e., did not complete a DTaP series of five shots before their seventh birthday) should receive a single dose of Tdap.

• Preteens and teens need Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), MCV (meningococcal conjugate vaccine) and HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccines.

• A yearly flu shot is recommended for everyone 6 months and older.

In 2011, a state law changed the process for parents or guardians to exempt children from required shots. Parents must submit a certificate signed by a health care provider verifying that the provider shared information on immunization benefits and risks.

Free immunizations are available for children up to the age of 19 through the Washington State Childhood Vaccine Program.


Morning bus routes & pickup times

Route 1: Gold Crk/Twisp-Carlton Rd./Old Twisp Hwy.

Gold Creek Loop Rd. turn-around 7:05 AM

1561 Hwy. 153  7:10 AM

Preston Rd. @ Hwy. 153  7:15 AM

Libby Creek Rd. @ Hwy. 153   7:20 AM

Beulah Rd. @ Twisp Carlton Rd.  7:25 AM

330 Twisp Carlton Rd. 7:30 AM

407 Twisp Carlton Rd.  7:35 AM

Waxwing Lane @ Twisp Carlton Rd.   7:40 AM

971 B Twisp Carlton Rd. 7:45 AM

Lombard St.  7:50 AM

Burgar St.  7:55 AM

Old Twisp Hwy.  8:00 AM


Route 2: Carlton/Hwy. 153

Old Carlton Rd. @ Hwy. 153  7:25 AM

Texas Cr. Rd. @ Old Carlton Rd.  7:28 AM

Carlton Store  7:30 AM

20 Ross Rd.  7:35 AM

Taylor Rd. @ Hwy. 153  7:40 AM

Benson Cr. Rd. @ Hwy. 153  7:45 AM

Twisp Airport Rd.  7:50 AM

34 Twisp Airport Rd.  7:53 AM

Glover Street  7:56 AM

Riverbend RV Park  8:00 AM


Route 3: Loup Loup/Town of Twisp

Loup Loup Summit  7:00 AM

Sims Canyon  7:08 AM

2100 Hwy. 20  7:10 AM

Lower Beaver Creek Rd./Finley Canyon  7:15 AM

Mundy Road @ Hwy. 153  7:20 AM

Twisp Airport Road @ Hwy. 153  7:24 AM

Ayers Road @ Hwy. 20  7:28 AM

Burton Street  7:33 AM

Riverside Street  7:38 AM

Alder Street  7:43 AM

5th & Canyon Street  7:46 AM

Whispering River Apartments  7:48 AM

Methow Street  7:50 AM

2nd & Lincoln  7:51 AM

Kevin’s Collision  7:53 AM

5th & Lincoln  7:55 AM


Route 4: Twisp River/May Hill/Comm. Center

W. Buttermilk Cr. Rd. @ Twisp River Rd.  7:20 AM

Elmer Rd. @ Twisp River. Rd.  7:30 AM

585 Twisp River Rd.  7:35 AM

488 Twisp River Rd.  7:40 AM

Marmot Bench Lane @ Twisp River Rd.  7:45 AM

May Hill  7:52 AM

Community Center  7:57 AM


Route 5: Poorman Cr./Horseshoe Mobile Home Park

70 Second Mile Rd. @ Poorman Cr. Rd.  7:25 AM

298 Poorman Cr. Rd.  7:30 AM

193 Poorman Cr. Rd.  7:33 AM

128 C Poorman Cr. Rd.  7:35 AM

107 Poorman Cr. Rd.  7:37 AM

97 Poorman Cr. Rd.  7:39 AM

86 Poorman Cr. Rd.  7:41 AM

77 Twisp River Rd.  7:43 AM

Twisp Ave./Magers St.  7:48 AM

Horseshoe Mobile Home Park  7:50 AM


Route 6: Chewuch/Twin Lakes Rd./Pine Forest

Rust Rd./Rendezvous/Co-Op  7:05 AM

McLean Rd. @ W. Chewuch Rd.  7:10 AM

Cub Creek Rd. @ W. Chewuch Rd.  7:15 AM

W. Chewuch Rd. @ E. Chewuch Rd.  7:20 AM

Deer Way Loop @ E. Chewuch Rd.   7:25 AM

Bear Creek Rd. @ E. Chewuch Rd. 7:30 AM

Riverside Ave.  7:35 AM

Wolf Creek Rd. @ Twin Lakes Rd.  7:40 AM

Patterson Lake Rd. @ Twin Lakes Rd.  7:45 AM

Pine Forest  7:55 AM


Route 7: Lost River/Mazama

2 Rivers Rd. @ Lost River Rd.  7:05 AM

Cedarosa Way @ Lost River Rd.  7:10 AM

161 Lost River Rd.  7:15 AM

Mazama Store  7:20 AM

18209 Hwy. 20  7:25 AM

18409 Hwy. 20  7:30 AM

Goat Creek Rd. @ Edelweiss  7:35 AM

Grizzly Mtn. Rd. @ Hwy. 20  7:40 AM

Lancaster Rd. @ Hwy. 20  7:45 AM

Francis Lane @ Hwy. 20  7:50 AM

Winthrop Library  7:55 AM

Winthrop Physical Therapy  7:59 AM

Little Star Montessori  8:01 AM


Route 8: East County Rd./Winthrop/Wolf Creek

159 East County Rd.  7:05 AM

Grouse Paradise Rd.  7:10 AM

Wilson Rd.  7:15 AM

Aspen Lane  7:20 AM

Bear Creek Rd. to turn-around at Lester Rd.  7:25 AM

60 Lower Bear Creek  7:33 AM

908 Castle Ave  7:36 AM

Roses Hill Rd.  7:37 AM

Englar St. @ Bluff St.  7:40 AM

46 B Wolf Creek Rd  7:45 AM

19 Wolf Creek Rd.  7:50 AM

Wolf Creek turn-around  7:55 AM

East 20 Pizza  8:03 AM