mailbox-logoWho’s really paying?

Dear Editor:

Your article about the PUD’s 9.5 percent rate increase gave only a couple of examples of actual percentage changes, and those at the very end (Aug. 7). I did a little more calculating myself, using my own actual monthly figures. Anyone can do it on the PUD website’s calculator. It’s just a bit tedious because the differences will vary from your low-usage to high-usage months.

Let’s say you have a small home and use electricity wisely, keeping year-round to the 500 kWh/month that used to be included. Your annual cost will go from $420 to $681, a $261 (62 percent) increase! At my own home (well insulated and partly wood-heated in winter), I average around 700 kWh/month. My cost would go up $177 (29 percent) if I hadn’t installed a solar array.

What about the bigger users? At 2,000 kWh/month, you’ll pay $8 (0 .6 percent) more per year. At 10,000 kWh/month, you’ll have a whopping $9-per-year increase (0.1 percent).

Rather than comment further, I’ll let the numbers stand for themselves.

Randy Brook, Twisp


Positive intentions

Dear Editor:

I am very sorry for Jeff Leuschen’s recent experience at the Winthrop Barn (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 21). His kind act of trying to help a family when their daughter was stung by a yellowjacket outside the Barn resulted in rudeness and unresponsiveness by a couple who were sitting in the Barn using their computers.

They “finally” offered a paper towel and some ice. The Barn has a first aid supply in the kitchen, but Jeff was told they didn’t have authorization to access it.

Our Barn intention has always been to create a positive atmosphere in the community, and I am certain that any Barn member would have gone an extra mile to help Jeff, who is from the valley, with his kindness to the family and their crying child.

I offer my apologies to Jeff Leuschen and the family involved.

Janet Verkuyl, former president & current board member, Winthrop Barn