The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is looking for winter sports enthusiasts to serve on the Washington State Winter Recreation Advisory Committee (WRAC). The committee for non-motorized recreation has three positions that will soon become vacant, including one for an at-large candidate to represent motorized (snowmobiler) winter sports enthusiasts. Nominations must be received by Aug. 30. New appointments begin Oct. 1, for a term of three years.

The WRAC is made up of six representatives for non-motorized winter sports and three for snowmobiling. The committee also has one representative each from the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Association of Counties. Also included is an ex-officio member from the Washington Department of Licensing.

The committee meets at least two weekends each year, once during the winter and once during the summer. It reviews vital issues and advises the commission and its staff on program policy and funding priorities for snow removal, trail grooming, sanitation, education and enforcement. Members are appointed by the commission and may serve up to two, three-year terms. Travel, lodging and meal costs for the meetings are reimbursed for members.

To send nominations or request an application, contact the Winter Recreation Program at; P.O. Box 42650, Olympia, WA 98504-2650; or the Washington Telecommunications Relay Service, (800) 833-6388. For more information on nominations, call (360) 902-8684.