Senior CenterBy Rosalie Hutson

I don’t think anyone is really looking forward to cold weather and winter yet, but it will arrive anyway, and we are here to help prepare for the cold weather with our Winter Sale. It will start Aug. 31 with a sidewalk sale as well as the sale room being open for several weeks afterwards, along with Saturday sidewalk sales.

I did a walk through the sale room, and there are sleds, skates, heaters and bedding as well as clothes. The gals have put in a lot of time washing and cleaning things for the sale. We have also donated over $100 worth of school supplies to the schools, to help students that can’t afford some supplies.

Last Friday, Albert Ames played music for the dancers and it was a great turnout. One of our dancers from Omak is turning 101 on Aug. 21. And he never misses a dance, fast or slow. We sang him “Happy Birthday” before lunch. And then there is our own Mary Bean, who will be 99 soon. She’s out there dancing – what an inspiration for getting older, and still being active.


Senior menu

Thur, Aug. 22: Country fried steak, mashed potatoes and country gravy, green beans, coleslaw, chilled apricots, whole wheat roll, brownies.

Fri, Aug. 23: French dip au jus, beets, cucumber and tomato salad, blueberries and pears, Jell-O with topping.

Mon, Aug. 26: Cheese ravioli, Italian vegetables, Caesar salad, fresh melons, garlic bread, brownies.

Thur, Aug. 29: Chicken salad croissant with tomato, pea and cheese salad, macaroni salad, raspberries over ice cream.