Sue MisaoBy Sue Misao

For years I have been complaining in the public prints about the lack of friendly outdoor seating in Carlton. This was finally resolved for a short time when these lovely chairs were strategically placed just south of the Carlton bridge a couple weeks ago. They were comfy, inviting and very close to the river for cool relief on hot summer days. Unfortunately, they seem to have been removed, probably because too many homeless people were sleeping on them.

The Carlton Store’s turn for soup bowl painting is happening Tuesday (Aug. 27) from 4-6 p.m. Soup bowl painting is where you paint a soup bowl that is then professionally fired up and used as one of thousands of bowls that people eat soup out of at the annual Room One fundraiser. Room One is that thing that does what Jesus would do: help those in need. But you don’t have to be religious to paint a soup bowl, you just have to be willing to be creative, have fun and donate $10 if you can to help with the cost of the bowls and paint and stuff, so more of the money can go to those in need. There will be refreshments. Not soup.

Carlton's version of public seating. Photo by Sue Misao

Carlton’s version of public seating. Photo by Sue Misao

OK, I just took a break and got stung by a bee, and by “bee” I probably mean yellowjacket but anything that’s stripey, small, buzzy and wants to sting me is, in my book, a bee. So I did the thing that Carlton beekeeper Craig Lints told me to do and scraped it with a credit card. Actually, a debit card, so. Apparently, due to some physical nature of the stinger that I completely forget, this is supposed to help remedy the wretched after-effects of being stung. I think it’s working, but I could be wrong. I just hope it doesn’t show up on my bank statement.