Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

Aug. 6

MISSING PERSON: Caller at Mazama Store on Lost River Road reported that his girlfriend was not outside the store where he left her when he went in.

CIVIL MATTER: Report came from a location on Highway 153, Methow, that it appeared someone had tried to gain access to a shop.

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: A one-car non-injury accident was reported on Highway 20 west of Mazama.

Aug. 9

ILLEGAL BURNING: A large bonfire was reported burning on Twisp-Carlton Road.

Aug. 10

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller reported seeing a man lying in the ditch alongside Highway 20 at about milepost 215.

Aug. 11

BURGLARY ALARM: A burglary alarm was reported on Wolf Creek Road near Winthrop.


Twisp Police Department

Aug. 6

ANIMAL ABUSE: Caller reported that a dog was left inside a vehicle on North Glover Street.

Aug. 7

TRESPASSING: Possible trespassing was reported on Magers Street.

Aug. 8

TRESPASSING: More trespassing was reported on Magers Street.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Something suspicious was reported on Canyon Street.

Aug. 10

CHILD ABUSE: Possible child abuse was reported on Lincoln Street near the park.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: It was reported that a young boy was skateboarding on Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road.

ILLEGAL BURNING: A campfire was reported at a location within Twisp.

Aug. 11

HIT-AND-RUN ACCIDENT: Caller said their vehicle had been hit in a parking lot and they had information about a suspect.

THEFT: A theft from a pickup truck was reported on East Methow Valley Highway.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: An animal issue was reported on Bigelow Street.


Winthrop Marshal’s Office

Aug. 7

POSSIBLE DUI: Caller woke up to a crash on Bridge Street, at about 1 a.m.

Aug. 9

ANIMAL ABUSE: It was reported that a dog was left in a vehicle on Riverside Avenue.

Aug. 10

MEDICAL PROBLEM: A man had an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

TRAFFIC OFFENSE: A person was taken into custody on Highway 20.

THEFT: A theft was reported on Riverside Avenue.

Aug. 11

MEDICAL PROBLEM: It was reported that a man was kicked in the stomach by a mule at a location on Highway 20.


Compiled by Don Nelson


Source: Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office