20 years ago – August 12, 1993


Easy putt – Al Heitman lines up a putt on the 17th hole, while Jeff Brown (left rear) and Al Bell look on and Martha Cram studies her options at the Parker Smith Semi Memorial Invitational Golf Tournament last Saturday.



40 Years Ago – August 16, 1973

A committee of ten persons has been selected to serve on the Methow River Basin Steering Committee according to Dick Thayer, Extension Service coordinator for the Methow Basin. Thayer stated that the committee was selected to represent a varied view point and background which he indicated was essential to fully represent the public’s view point. He further indicated that the committee number could be increased if the members felt broader representation was needed.

The members of the committee are: Charles Reasey, Mrs. Foss Creveling, Vernon La Motte, Dana Visalli, Don Ziegler, Mary Gaylord, Lowell Dubbells, Douglass Zahn, William Hottell, and Herb Rosenberg.

The committee will be charged with the responsibility of preparing a comprehensive long range plan for water resource us for the Methow Basin. This important committee will be instrumental in determining future development of water resources for the Methow Valley.



60 Years Ago – August 20, 1953

Dear friends and gentle people: We are deeply grateful for the many cards, letters, flowers and expressions of sympathy to us because of our accident. And while it was unavoidable, we are nevertheless sorry to have missed getting out the News last week. But due to the fact the publisher was in the hospital, and experienced help was unavailable, the News was not published.

However, we are getting better organized, and thanks to Wes McHugh of Okanogan, who is doing most of the work this week, your paper should be out on time.


A condition commonly named “Swimmer’s Itch” is quite prevalent among the lakes throughout the state of Washington, but especially in the northern and western parts.

The symptoms are as follows: Within five minutes to an hour after leaving the water the bather may experience a sharp burning and itching of the skin. Small reddish pimples appear within 12 hours and these may be surrounded with a zone of redness. On the second day some of these pimples may become blisters and in some instances these blisters may contain pus.

The itching is severe and causes considerable scratching. After a week or so the itching sensation subsides and the eruptions heal. Although in some instances as long as 30 days are required to recover completely.

Control measures that can be taken are: Treatment of the water with chemicals.

Disadvantages are: 1. Very expensive. 2. Repeated treatments needed. 3. Kills all fish.

Bathing precautions: Most practical – simply remove water from body immediately after emerging from the water by toweling or wiping off with the palms of the hand. Water should not be allowed to dry on the skin.

If any bathers have experienced “swimmer’s itch” in Okanogan County it is recommended that notification to the Health Department be made so that the lake may be posted.



80 Years Ago – August 11, 1933 

On Tuesday, August 29, special elections will be held in 46 legislative districts in the State at which time delegates will be elected to the State Convention in September to either place this State in the column of those demanding repeal of the 18th Amendment or to sustain it.

Without doubt the dry forces are much better organized than their opponents. Another angle is to be found in the fact that under the election by legislative districts the predominance naturally rests with the rural districts.

Repealists are just beginning to awaken to the fact that whereas the State voted wet last November with a tremendous majority inside the cities, the vote by districts will be something entirely different and a warm fight is in prospect. – Leavenworth Echo.


By a score of 12 to 10 the Robinson Creek C. C. C. (colored) baseball boys were victors over an all star Methow Valley team on the local diamond last Sunday.

From a spectator’s standpoint the game was interesting throughout, the score being even enough not to be one-sided, the colored champs, however, emerging with a safe margin.



100 years ago – August 15, 1913

Methow, August 11 – Mr. Frank Reynaud and Mrs. Iola Harris Ayers, both of this place, were united in marriage Saturday evening, August 9, at 7 o’clock at the beautiful farm home of the bride, on Gold Creek, Justice of the Peace M. E. Tonseth, of Methow, officiating. Messrs. C. A. Teegarden and Bert Lake witnessed the ceremony.

The bride is one of the popular young ladies of this community and is respected and admired by all who know her, for her many good qualities. The groom, who is well known and has many friends in the valley, is a good and industrious young man and is sure to make a success in life.

The young couple will make their future home on their valuable property on Gold Creek. Their many friends join in wishing them a happy and prosperous wedded life.