Letters-mailbox-no-line‘Free’ power?

Dear Editor:

Twice in last week’s article (Aug. 7), “PUD approves 1-year rate hike,” the first 500 kilowatt hours of power were characterized as “free.” This was also stated in the previous week’s article on the proposed rate increases. As I recall when the base rate made the last jump, ratepayers were told that this included paying for the first 500 kwh. I find myself curious as to when that energy became free, and how I missed that on my bill. Now it sounds like we’ve all been a bunch of freeloaders allowing larger power users to pay our way.

Neither article attributes the idea of the suddenly free power to any particular spokesman, but I’m hoping that the Methow Valley News hasn’t created this interesting concept on its own.

Bob Hunt, Renton/Twisp



Thanks from Vicky’s families

Dear Editor:

The Welch and Adcock families would like to give thanks and recognition to all who have supported Vicky and the family throughout her two-and-a-half years of struggle with cancer. The love and care you all have given in great abundance has meant so much to Vicky and the entire family. The magnitude of your loving care has etched a lasting mark in the hearts of us all. The loss we share and the memories of her will remain our bond forever.

The celebration of Vicky’s life that took place on her birthday, Aug. 3, at the Twisp town park was a great sharing and a most fitting tribute to Vicky. We are so thankful to everyone for coming and bringing such beautiful food to share with all and to everyone who helped make it happen in such a good way. We especially want to thank Laura Fine and Maggie Coon, who organized the event. Thank you both for organizing this celebration for Vicky that we will remember forever. We also want to thank the Methow Valley News for giving Vicky and the celebration so much good coverage. Finally, I want to thank Tony Purtell for making a video of the key parts of the celebration. There will be CDs available for those who want them.

It is well known that Vicky gave her energy to many organizations both local and statewide, and we know that her passing will leave a large vacuum in several areas. We encourage you to become a “Vicky Volunteer” in the area of your interest.

For those wishing to make contributions in memory of Vicky, the family would like those to be made to the Methow Valley Citizens Council, P.O Box 774, Twisp, WA 98856.
With deep gratitude,

The Welch and Adcock families, Twisp



Strength and hope

Dear Editor:

As I was driving to Winthrop recently, I felt so uplifted at the sight of the pink water tower! Later, as I read the article on Vicky Welch’s memorial, remembering Vicky and her strength, I could feel the love and hope that went into painting that tower. What a powerful statement that tower makes! “We are strong. We are warriors. We are warriors in pink! We go forth every day in strength and hope for the future, our future and your future.”

Thank you, class of 2013. May you carry strength and hope with you all the days of your lives!

Anna Clark, Twisp