Senior-AD-4-pageBy Rosalie Hutson

Well, yet another pot of flowers has been stolen off our doorstep. This was a big one, so we hope whoever did this mean thing gets a hernia from lifting it, and may the flowers all die for you.

Friday was a little cooler, which I am sure the dancers appreciated.

On Aug.16, Albert Ames is going to play some country western music for your dancing and listening pleasure, so grab your partner, dust off the cowboy boots and hat and come on down and have fun.

Albert will also play again Sept. 20 and the Hottells are playing Sept. 6.

Don’t forget bingo on Aug. 15. Come in and try your luck. This is for our members, so if you would like to join it’s only $1.25 a year.

I know it’s only August, but our volunteers are gearing up for our annual winter sale to start in September. This is the sale our local families anticipate to get outfitted for the cold snowy months ahead. So now is the time we need you all to go through your closets and pull out those outgrown or unneeded winter items and donate them to the Senior Center thrift store.

We need more coats, boots, sweaters and socks in all sizes, especially children’s sizes. We love this sale because good stuff gets recycled here in the valley and families can buy their gear at affordable prices. Thank you for your support of this sale.


Senior menu 

Thur, Aug. 8: Beef stroganoff, Italian vegetables, Caesar salad, fruit cocktail, garlic bread, frosted cake.

Fri, Aug. 9: Baked pork chops and apples, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, lettuce and tomato salad, whole wheat roll, custard.

Mon, Aug. 12: Ham, sweet potato casserole, trio vegetables, tropical fruit, pasta salad, whole wheat roll, lemon bars.

Thur, Aug. 15: Spaghetti and meat sauce, Caesar salad, Italian vegetables, chilled peaches, garlic bread, ice cream.


Menus are subject to change