comm-vicky-postNEWHundreds of friends and family – and even a few goats – celebrated the life, spirit and contributions of Vicky Welch on Saturday. This troupe led a tribute in song and dance, while speakers invoked Vicky’s special gift for enjoying life, as well as her humor and her zest for adventure. “Vicky volunteers” have been deputized to carry on her environmental work in the valley.

Photo by Marcy Stamper



Poem by Jim Doran:


For Vicky


I knew Vicky Welch.

We stood shoulder to shoulder

Heart to heart for what we believed.


She was my inspiration,

With those other “Methow Women”:

Isabel and Agnes, Maggie, Grace and Beulah

Who understood their place and time.

We were strong with them in our resolve.


Ed, my brother, our condolences

For your loss; for our loss.

You, like us, were awestruck

with her power; her conviction.

There is no replacement.


Vicky took action,

In the face of insurmountable foes,

with her own human doubt,

Like Arjuna on the battlefield

Like Jesus in Gethsemane,

She knew the weight of Sisyphus.

The implausibility of faith;

Yet, we found our own souls

in the work we did together.

Vicky took action.


She will be missed

Here in this place she loved.

Yet Vicky’s spirit will not be missed.

We know her spirit

It remains and will live on

In those women who reach down

to their guts to find the courage

To be who they really are

In spite of cultural norms, expectations

The restraints on women.


(Vicky was not restrained.)


And in those women who find the truth

In their voice and speak it

Because it has to be told

Even in the face of rebuke.


In those women who love the earth

And sweat in the fields

And milk the goats for cheese

and labor to get out the vote.


In those women who reach out to their fears

Rather than run from them.


We knew Vicky Welch;

She gave herself to us

With enthusiasm.


She will be missed;

But her spirit is alive

And well.


Thank you, Vicky.