As of Tuesday (July 30), U.S. Forest Service firefighters were continuing suppression efforts on four fires in the upper portion of the Lake Chelan area on the Chelan Ranger District.

The Moore Point Fire, estimated at 250 acres, burned Monday night as firefighters focused on protecting two residences within the fire area. Twenty additional fire personnel were scheduled to arrive for a total of 40 firefighters, and two DNR helicopters were working the Moore Point Fire, the Forest Service said in a press release.

The lightning-caused fire started south of the Moore Point campground on the face of Round Mountain on July 28. Suppression efforts are focused on structure protection on private land. Standing dead trees from the 2001 Rex Creek Fire, steep terrain, and rolling material continue to pose high risk to firefighter safety. Forest Service officials have closed Moore Point campground and the Lakeshore Trail No. 1274 between Meadow Creek and Flick Creek campground.

Six smokejumpers and four rappellers were continuing suppression efforts on the 3-acre Skookum Puss Fire below Skookum Puss Mountain at the head of Cascade Creek. The Wolverine Creek Fire is approximately three miles north of Lucerne at roughly one-quarter acre in size and was staffed with two smokejumpers.The Jungle Fire, located about two miles north of Graham Harbor, is roughly two-tenths of an acre burning in the 2004 Deep Harbor fire area. Two smokejumpers were continuing to staff the fire.

For more information on the current fire situation, contact the Chelan Ranger District at (509) 682-4900 or visit for information on the Moore Point Fire.